Follow Up To July 2015 WASLI Conference & AGM

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November 25, 2015: Following the WASLI conference in Istanbul, WASLI held its AGM on July 25, 2015.

The current Board of WASLI would like to express its gratitude to Zane Hema for providing the minutes, to our previous Members of the Board for their commitment and to you for your ongoing support to WASLI.

We are happy to share with you the minutes of the WASLI 2015 General Meeting, the Report of the Board (2011 – 2015) and the list of attendees at the AGM. Visit this link:

WASLI 2015 Conference - From an AVLIC Member's Perspective

Ava Hawkins, AVLIC-WAVLI member, attended the WASLI 2015 conference and carried the AVLIC vote during the WASLI AGM.  Ava has generously prepared a following summary report about the events. Thank you Ava for representing AVLIC at the WASLI AGM and for creating this update for AVLIC members!


WASLI hosted its conference in Istanbul, Turkey from July 22 to 25, 2015. The theme for the conference was:  Human Rights: Where Do Interpreters Fit In.


Canadian interpreters attending WASLI 2015There were approximately 270 interpreters from over 54 countries in attendance. It was the largest attendance in WASLI history. WASLI has hosted three conferences in total since 2003. Pre-conference workshops were also offered to attendees.


It was a time to renew visits with fellow colleagues, meet new ones, and collaborate across many cultures and languages throughout the world.


[photo above: Canada had 9 interpreters attend the conference. This was our boat cruise on the Bosphorus. This river borders both Europe and Asia. We had so much fun at this event. Lovely dinner cruise.]  


There were excellent programs which included presentations from interpreters, researchers, and other colleagues who work with interpreters. Some of these presentations were live streamed through the support of Street Leverage which was sponsored by the RID.


Many interpreters brought their families, partners and spouses to squeeze in an additional vacation. Turkey is an amazing country with incredible smells of spices and food guaranteed to satisfy your palate. The people were incredibly friendly and our volunteers at the conference were amazing. Jazz festivals were all over as well as the amazing variations of Turkish delight.


There was an incredible display of volunteerism with providing the conference in spoken English and in International Sign. A true collaboration with colleagues around the world.


As an AVLIC member, I encourage you to try to attend a WASLI conference. The next conference will be held in Paris, France in 2019. As well, the World Federation of the Deaf conference will be held in Paris, France.


WASLI Board 2015-2019The WASLI Executive elected for the 2015-2019 term is:

President: Debra Russell, Canada

Vice President José Ednilson Júnior, Brazil

Treasurer: Susan Emerson, Australia

Secretary: Isabelle Heyerick, Netherlands

Africa: Natasha Maliko, South Africa

Australasia & Oceania: Angela Murray, New Zealand

Balkans: Desanka Zizic, Serbia

Latin America & Caribbean: Isabel Rey, Peru

Europe: Christopher Stone, UK

Asia: Etsuko Unemoto

North American: Liz Mendoza, USA

Transcaucasia Central Asia: Anna Komorova & Igor Bondarenko, Russia

Deaf International Expert: Nigel Howard, Canada


Additional information can be found on the WASLI website at