EIIC Needs First Reading Circle Volunteers

Volunteers Needed for First Reading Circle of Position Paper

AVLIC's Educational Interpreting Issues Committee (EIIC) has begun drafting updates to the Interpreting in the Educational Setting document.  The current document was published in 1992 and has been in need of updates to meet current working conditions. Thanks to the EIIC for the work they've put into the drafted updates to this AVLIC position paper.


With preliminary edits ready for review, the EIIC is recruiting people for the First Reading Circle. Are you able to be in this First Reading Circle? Do you know someone who is not an AVLIC member but would have valuable feedback for this document? Please contact the EIIC coordinator Taedra Harris expressing your interest or forwarding the name and contact details of someone you can recommend. Taedra can be reached at: avliceii@gmail.com


Please respond to avliceii@gmail.com by Friday, December 11, 2015.


As per the Operating Policy & Procedures Manual Appendix II - f: Document Development Guidelines, this will be the first of three reading circles. Volunteers to this or any of the subsequent reading circles do NOT have to be AVLIC members. We welcome feedback from community members, stakeholders and/or people with an expertise in the area of interpreting in the educational setting. 

The circle of readers will be composed of stakeholders whose opinions will be sought for editing of each subsequent draft of the document. Stakeholders include but are not limited to: AVLIC members, AVLIC Affiliate Chapter presidents, CAD-ASC, CCSD and/or CHHA board members or their representatives, consumers of interpreting services and experts on the subject. The readership of each circle increases with each subsequent draft and stage within the process.

First Circle

The first circle should be composed of ten people who are experts on the subject of the document and interested AVLIC members from various regions/Affiliate Chapters. This first circle will also include the AVLIC Board liaison who will distribute copies to the remainder of the Board. 

Appendix II - f: Document Development Guidelines (page 4)

Thanks for your interest and/or recommendations!