AVLIC Advisory Group

Advisory Group 

Dear Valued Members,


AVLIC is establishing an advisory group whose role would include providing constructive comments and guidance to your AVLIC Board of Directors. Consulting with community members is a current practice of the Board and adding the advisory group will make this a more formal process with a variety of perspectives (both long-time and new members, educators of interpreters and student interpreters) for the Board to consider when needed.


The idea behind this type of advisory group came from conversations with some members last spring. Subsequently, a motion was presented from the floor of the 2015 AGM. Although the motion was defeated for various reasons, further discussions occurred with the seconder of the motion as well as other members. The intent of the motion was defined from these conversations and considered by the Board as valuable. The intent and goals were reviewed by long time AVLIC members and national Deaf organizations, and we now present the following details.


The AVLIC Board of Directors may consult with this advisory group on a variety of topics, such as new initiatives and communications to members and stakeholders. Current initiatives include a volunteer member focused recognition process and communications may include review of e-mails to members to ensure there are no gaps in the information being sent.


The advisory group will consist of 6-8 people, with the intention of national representation from the following categories:

  • Active members (including Deaf interpreters, past presidents)
  • Student(s) registered in an Interpreter Education Program
  • Canadian Interpreter Education Program Educator(s)


Consultation with national Deaf organizations is extremely important to AVLIC, and as such discussions about this initiative have been held with Canadian Association of the Deaf - Association des Sourds du Canada (CAD-ASC) and Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD). Considering each association's desire to streamline and not overburden their volunteer Boards, CAD-ASC and CCSD stated their preference is to continue consultation with AVLIC via the Joint Communication Team (JCT) which includes representatives from the CAD-ASC, CCSD and AVLIC and not through this advisory group. 

Interested individuals should possess the following criteria:

  • Ability to offer constructive comments and divergent perspectives 
  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests (communication will be online through e-mail and due to the nature of requests to this group and subsequent actions necessary, timely responses for comments is essential)
  • Experience on a board to be considered an asset 
  • Commitment until the 2018 AGM where the intent and structure of this group will be reviewed as the Board will have transitioned from a working board to a governance board

To express your interest in joining this advisory group, the following information is required for your application:

  • Personal biography
  • A letter of interest outlining which category (as listed above in the Details section) you wish to represent
  • A commitment of how you can abide by the criteria

Please submit application requirement to:

Chris Kenopic, AVLIC Executive Director by ‪March 11, 2016 by e-mail: avlic@avlic.ca

The Board will be reviewing applications and applicants will be contacted once the selection process is complete.



Jocelyn Mark