Update to Members - February 2016

AVLIC Update - February 2016

The cold winter months are proving to be a productive time for AVLIC.  We are happy to inform you of the following updates:


As you are aware Chris Kenopic was appointed as the Executive Director of AVLIC and started his position on February 1, 2016.  It has been a busy few weeks for Chris as he learns more about AVLIC and his role.  Board members are meeting with Chris individually to acquaint him with our respective portfolios and we look forward to Chris taking on more duties in the near future as he transitions into his role.  Should you need to reach Chris, you can contact him at avlic@avlic.ca.


You may be interested to know that administrators (administrative managers and CES administrators) for AVLIC have historically been contractors; Chris is the first person who will, in fact, be staff of AVLIC for his 2 year term (with the possibility of extension).  The new Administrative Assistant as well as all future administrators will be staff of AVLIC.  This is an exciting development for AVLIC as we continue to grow and advance as an Association.


As you will have seen, the job posting for the AVLIC Administrative Assistant has been distributed and the closing date for applications is ‪February 22, 2016.  Please forward the posting within your network.  We look forward to someone joining us in the AVLIC office in March.  In the meantime, please continue to be patient with us as some e-mail replies may be delayed.  We encourage all members to apply for membership early to avoid any unnecessary delays. 


As you may already know, AVLIC is on FaceBook and Twitter, and if you didn't know, please look us up! Judy Settle has recently joined the social media team - Welcome Judy!  If you are on FaceBook please 'like' AVLIC, and 'follow' us on Twitter, you will see an increasing number of posts relevant to AVLIC and the profession.  


We will be sending you more updates in the near future, please keep an eye out for information concerning the CES review, initiative for the elimination of GST on interpreting services, and more Board / staffing updates.