WASLI Educational Modules Committee


WASLI Educational Modules Committee - Expression of Interest

Background Information:

WASLI has completed its strategic plan for 2015-2019 and one of the goals is to create several short training videos.  We often have requests on a range of topics, for example, what is a code of ethics and how to create one, what are the cognitive strategies that good interpreters use, what is International Sign and where do I learn it, legal interpreting, medical interpreting, and so on.  Our goal is to produce a series of 8-10 short twenty-minute presentations, given by internationally recognized trainers, both Deaf and hearing.  These presentations would then be made available to all of our members. The videos will use International Sign with English captions.

Committee Members Needed:

WASLI is searching for volunteers to join a committee that will plan and implement several short training videos. If you have experience as a signed language interpreter trainer and are interested, we would like to hear from you before February 17, 2016.  

Ideally, volunteers will:

  • have 3-5 years experience training interpreters or interpreting students, preferably in more than one country
  • understand how to plan effective educational presentations
  • have experience creating video teaching modules
  • commit to attend monthly virtual meetings and to complete tasks within timelines required

If you are interested, please respond with a letter of application (in English and/or International Sign), telling us how you meet the criteria and what you can offer to the committee.

Deadline: February 17, 2016. 

E-mail:  secretary.wasli@gmail.com