Post-Conference Summary - AVLIC 2014

Post-Conference Summary - AVLIC 2014

Dear AVLIC members and valued stakeholders,


We would like to thank the AVLIC 2014 Conference Planning Committee for putting on a wonderful conference at the Fort Garry Hotel. Kudos to everyone involved!


Your Board was extremely busy during the July 6-13, 2014 AVLIC conference week in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Your Board met practically every day to discuss ongoing Board initiatives and to address all issues that arose from our members on a daily basis. To say we were busy would be an understatement, but we would do it all again - we just need to recuperate from this conference first.


For the benefit of the members who were not able to attend the conference as well as for those who were there but might have but missed an event, we are pleased to inform you of the following highlights.

AVLIC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM ran very smoothly. Thank you to all the members at the conference for joining the Special Topic Sessions (STSs) on Friday, intended for discussion about proposed AGM motions. The open forum for discussion on the proposed motions on Friday meant that the motions on Saturday were ready for debate and voting. As a result of this preparedness and the help of our parliamentary advisor, Maureen Haan, the AGM was finished an hour early. In 2016, the goal is to have the AGM conclude by 1 p.m. We received feedback that the new format of the AGM package made it easier for members to prepare for the AGM. We will continue this format next year.


Various motions, including new membership renewal criteria; membership discount for interpreters nearing retirement; striking a committee to investigate a proposed name change for AVLIC; striking a committee to investigate a new mentorship initiative; striking a committee to strengthen relationships with the LSQ and French communities and more were passed. Check out the AGM minutes that will be uploaded to the MEMBERS ONLY section of the AVLIC website in September (notice that the minutes are available online will be sent to members by e-mail).

Canadian Evaluation System (CES)

AVLIC hosted two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) pertaining to the CES on Wednesday, July 9, 2014. The SIGs were very well attended and your AVLIC Board gathered valuable information from the attendees. The purpose of the SIGs on Wednesday was to inform the members of the lead up to the decision of putting the CES Phases Two and Three on hold and to discuss next steps. The decision to put Phases Two and Three on hold was for administrative and financial reasons.


In light of the concerns raised at these SIGs, it was noted that members would prefer the CES continue to run even in the face of an upcoming review. It is important to note that some members felt a hold on the CES process called into question the integrity of the system. The integrity of the CES was never in question from the perspective of the Board. Some suggestions during the SIGs were collected and the following occurred:


Your Board held a special meeting to review the Board motion placing Phases Two and Three on hold. After reviewing the information provided by members at the SIGs your Board rescinded this motion. Phases Two and Three will continue once the contracts are renewed with all CES personnel and administrative processes are re-established. When Phases Two and Phases Three are appropriately staffed, communication will be sent to members.


At the AGM, a motion was passed to form a CES Taskforce to investigate the next steps for the CES (in line with the AVLIC Strategic Plan).

Social Media

This year AVLIC tried to utilize our AVLIC Twitter and Facebook sites more to provide updates to members in attendance at the conference and to those who were not able to attend. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences using #AVLIC2014. Your Board will keep working on how to improve our social media presence with our members.


During the Appreciation Lunch held Friday July 11, 2014, your Board recognized the fantastic work of our volunteers who have contributed to our much-needed committees over the past term. Thank you to all our volunteers! Without our members volunteering for the betterment of our profession, we would not be where we are today.


AVLIC is a volunteer-driven association. At the AGM, committees were both struck and disbanded. Check out the committee list on the AVLIC website under the MEMBERS ONLY section to see the latest updates. A message to elicit committee members for the 2014-2016 term will be sent out later this month. Please consider joining a committee when that call goes out! If you are interested in joining a committee, please e-mail or the committee coordinator listed on the website.

Membership Cards

Your Board discussed providing members with cardholders and clips so that members can display their membership cards while working. This initiative will be investigated further and could be implemented for the 2015-2016 membership year. We have received feedback from our stakeholders that displaying proof of membership will instill confidence that consumers are using AVLIC members. In addition, student membership cards will be replaced with letters confirming membership to avoid confusion as to who are Active members and who are Student members.


Every conference, AVLIC members nominate and bestow awards on members who embody the AVLIC missions and goals. We were pleased to award the following members:

Edward C. Bealer Award of Merit: Janice Hawkins

Phyllis Joynt Mentorship Award: Rosalie Vissers

Richard W. Letourneau Service Award: Monique LeDrew

David Still Memorial Graduating Student Award: Stacey Park

President's Award: Chris Racine


Respectfully submitted by your 2012-2014 Board of Directors