AVLIC 2016 - Let's Colour Marty Fundraiser

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Let's Colour Marty Fundraising Challenge!

The AVLIC 2016 organizing committee has once again created a hilarious video to announce their latest fundraiser: Let's Colour Marty!


Marty Taylor has never coloured her hair before! Now is your chance to have some say in what happens to it, AND help AVLIC 2016 raise some money!

AVLIC 2016 is asking all chapters to help fundraise for the opportunity to choose what colour Marty dyes her hair.  As long as over $5 000 is raised Marty will colour her hair for the FIRST TIME EVER! 

Marty with green hair

If between $5 000 and $10 000 is raised, Marty decides the colour.  But if we raise over $10 000 the chapter that raises the most (per capita, of course) will get to pick the colour for her! Imagine what you could do!

So we are asking all chapters to pitch in! How you raise the funds is up to you – bake sales, car washes, raffles – the possibilities are limitless!

Keep AVLIC 2016 posted on what and how you’re doing, and they will keep track of which chapters are in the lead. Results will be posted on the AVLIC 2016 website, and also on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

AVLIC 2016 Conference July 12-16, 2016 in Fredericton, New Brunswick