Follow-up to Board Meeting on October 24-25, 2015

Dear AVLIC members & valued stakeholders,

Your Board meeting was held in Montreal, Québec for the first time in over 15 years on October 24 & 25, 2015 at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. Thank you to Courtney Lester, Mark Mavis and Émilie Boulet-Lévesque for providing logistical support and to representatives of l'Association québécoise des interprètes en langues des signes (AQILS) for meeting with the Board for dinner on Friday night. We look forward to working with AQILS on our shared goal in mind of advancing the profession of sign language interpreting in Canada.


AVLIC Board of Directors - October 2015

This weekend was the first opportunity that all the current Board members have been together for a face-to-face meeting this term. On Friday, October 23, Board members met a day early to focus on some team building activities and learn more about each other and what we individually and collectively bring to the Association. It was a very constructive and beneficial time for all, in addition to being the perfect introduction to the weekend meetings.


Photo (taken at the end of day 3) - back row, left to right: Brenda Jenkins, Janice Lyons, Jocelyn Mark, Debbie Parliament, Ashley Campbell & Cindy Haner; front row, left to right: Christie Reaume, Alana McKenna & Chris Racine.


The meetings were jam-packed, like any other Board meeting, and we are pleased to inform you of the following highlights. The full meeting minutes will be posted to the AVLIC website in the near future.

AVLIC Staffing and Board Transition

AVLIC is seeking additional staffing to support and advance the Association. The AVLIC Staffing Task Force has been working diligently to incorporate feedback and consult with stakeholders in order to complete a job description for an executive director.  The job posting and description will be posted in the near future. Keep an eye out for this e-mail and share it within your community.


Your Board has started learning how the current structure of operation will transition into a governance board once an executive director has been hired. We were fortunate to have Maureen Haan, AVLIC's parliamentary advisor, present during the weekend meetings. Maureen presented Saturday morning on a proposed transition plan, stayed during the day to observe our meetings, and provided feedback to us the following morning. We are all excited to start this transition which, in the end, will allow your Board to have more time to focus on the vision of your Association and have paid full-time staff take on daily operational tasks. A full plan of what this transition looks like will be sent to members in the coming months. This is indeed exciting times for everyone! A special thanks to Maureen Haan for volunteering her time throughout the weekend.

CES Review Task Force

The CES Review Task Force has gone above and beyond for our valued CES; a huge thank you to the task force members. E-mail updates have been sent to you on the progress of their review. Currently, comments from selected individuals and groups are being compiled and a full report will be released shortly, followed by Request for Proposals seeking revisions to the CES. You, the membership, will have an opportunity to provide final comments and ask for clarification on the report...we encourage you to do so.

Professional Compliance Review Process (PCRP) Implementation

At the recent 2015 AGM in Vancouver, BC, the PCRP final report was accepted by membership. Since the AGM, an implementation plan has been developed in consultation with PCRP proponents, the current DRP coordinator and Affiliate Chapter presidents.  The membership will have an opportunity to provide comments on the plan shortly. A project manager and team will be required to implement such a project. Please consider being involved or encourage someone you know who would be an asset to this team to get involved. Rest assured, until the new PCRP is in place, the current DRP (level 1) is still in effect.

Advisory Group

Over the past few months, AVLIC Board members have been consulting with various Active members and stakeholders about establishing an advisory group to provide constructive support to your elected Board when required. This group will include members with various backgrounds and skill sets. We will be seeking interested individuals soon. Keep an eye out for the e-mail that fully explains the purpose and criteria of the group members.

Nominations for 2016-2018 Term

At the upcoming AVLIC AGM in Fredericton, NB, your Board will be once again seeking AVLIC Active members in good standing to join the Board. Currently, a few Board members have indicated they are planning on stepping down from the Board after multiple terms of service. Being on a national board is both challenging and rewarding: any current or previous AVLIC Board member will tell you that being a part of the Board has many benefits. The time commitment required by the member varies depending on the director's portfolio. We encourage you to start considering joining the Board or have a conversation with colleagues who you think would be productive AVLIC Board members.


Alana McKenna, AVLIC second vice president, is the AVLIC nominations liaison. If you have any questions, before or after nomination e-mails are sent, don’t hesitate to contact her at The AVLIC Nominations Procedure Policy can be found on the AVLIC website under the members only section (Bylaws, Policies & Procedures >> Operating Policies & Procedures Manual >> Section V – Programs and Services >> 6.0 Nominations Procedure and Appendix V – h: Nominations Form).

Communications and Surveys

There has been an unprecedented amount of communication to members from the AVLIC Board and office. As well, multiple committees are developing surveys to guide their work to complete the mandate issued to them by you, the members. We know it is easy to skip by the flow of e-mails and surveys from us, but remember we are reaching out to you because we value your ideas, comments and opinions. Please take a few minutes each week to read over AVLIC e-mails so as to keep up with activities of your Association, and complete the brief surveys. If you have suggestions of how we can improve our communication to you, please contact any Board director or the AVLIC office directly.

ASL Translations

Debbie Parliament, evaluations officer, and Janice Lyons, director, have contacted approximately 30 / 33 Deaf interpreter members to solicit direct feedback on the current practice of disseminated materials to members in ASL translations. Your AVLIC Board strives to improve communication strategies so as to reach out to all our members as well as be financially responsible with your membership dollars. We will be working with the feedback from our DI members about their preferences to better serve all members.

Board Meeting Minutes

As a reminder, all Board meeting minutes are available in full on the AVLIC website in the members only section (Meeting Minutes & Motions >> Board of Directors' Meeting Minutes).

What’s next for your Board?

  1. Employing an executive director
  2. Preparing for upcoming AGM and nominations process
  3. Implementation of the PCRP task force
  4. Formalizing the advisory group
  5. Roll out of RFPs for the CES review
  6. Updating the membership policies
  7. Continuing to engage members and stakeholders

Next Meeting

Saturday, December 5, 2015 via video conference.