CRTC VRS Hearing Starts Monday! Watch or listen live at:

As you may already be aware, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) hearing for "Issues related to the feasibility of establishing a Video Relay Services (VRS)" is scheduled for October 21 − 25, 2013, in Gatineau, Québec.  Many AVLIC members wrote submissions back in May strongly encouraging the CRTC to provide VRS in Canada. The next step is the public hearing.  AVLIC strongly encourages all members to follow the sessions in person or via web link (details below).  With a united force between Deaf organizations, the national Deaf community and AVLIC members - anything is possible.  

How has AVLIC been involved and what is planned for the hearing?:

President Christie Reaume (left) and First Vice President Jocelyn Mark Blanchet (right)

Christie Reaume                                 Jocelyn Mark Blanchet





How can you find out more about the CRTC hearing?:

For additional information about the hearing, please visit:  

How can you follow the hearing if you aren't able to make it to the Gatineau office?

Anyone who will be in the Gatineau, Québec area between October 21-25, 2013 is encouraged to attend any or all of the proceedings.  For others, there are four options currently available:































Keep watching the AVLIC website for updates on the CRTC hearing or contact the AVLIC office with specific questions.

AVLIC wishes all presenters who have been invited to present at the CRTC hearing in Gatineau, Québec or at their respective CRTC sites all the best. We look forward to a positive outcome on this landmark case.