Security Improvements to Directory of Members

Upgrade to Members' E-mail Address Security

The Directory of AVLIC Members has undergone updates to the coding and programming to improve the security of members' e-mail addresses. 


The concern was that spam-bots (automated computer programs which harvest e-mail addresses from the internet with the intent to create spam lists) could access the former page-coding to harvest the e-mail addresses of members listed in the Directory. The e-mail addresses could then be used to create junk-mail lists or direct target campaigns (as described in Potentially Fraudulent E-mail Soliciting Interpreting Services).


Spam-mail lists collected before the re-programming cannot be rescinded; however, new spam-mail lists can no longer be generated. As a result of re-programming, the Directory of AVLIC Members is no longer suceptable to automated e-mail address collection (spam-bot) software.


Your AVLIC Board and office are doing our best to protect your e-mail addresses. We are confident these current updates will provide more security from spam-bots trolling the Directory of AVLIC Members. If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting

For members who want to know all the details, here is more information about the reprogramming process:


Even though the Directory of AVLIC Members appears to be unchanged from the former layout, the programming behind the scenes has been updated and made more secure.

  • Before the change, a member's e-mail address was displayed and an automated "mailto:" protocol was generated (by clicking on the member's e-mail address the user's mail program automatically populated an e-mail to the member). These features were not a concern, but the e-mail address was readily contained in the page-coding. Spam bots are designed to search for this type of page-coding with e-mail addresses and harvest the addresses for their spam lists.
  • Now the re-programming has been done, the layout looks the same, a member's e-mail address is still visibly displayed, an automated "mailto:" protocol is still generated; however, the e-mail address on the page-coding has been replaced with a generic "+results+" coding. Spam-bots are not able to read the member's e-mail address and the automated search result only yields the useless term: +results+ 



Members may question why the e-mail address is still visibly displayed and an automated "mailto:" protocol is still generated. The reasoning is because this allows a legitimate consumer to be able to see the member's e-mail address and the handy, automated ‘send an e-mail to the person’ feature is still available. Consideration was given to using a Captcha® type of system (sample Captcha® shown to the right), but the re-programming that was used yields the same protection in a more user-friendly way.


From a more technical standpoint, web crawlers can no longer use AJAX programming to retrieve information from our Directory's database, specifically members' e-mail addresses.