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Social Media Policy

From the AVLIC Operating Policies & Procedures Manual; Section IV - Office Management; 5.0 Social Media - updated October 19, 2015

For a printable version of the AVLIC Social Media Policy, click here.


In keeping with changing trends in social media, the social media administrator will be responsible to post messages on behalf of AVLIC, including organization created Facebook and Twitter account pages. The social media administrator, Board members, members, contractors and stakeholders alike must follow guidelines of posting, sharing or commenting on AVLIC’s social media sites. Those who do not adhere to this policy and its provisions are subject to having their posting privileges retracted without notice or explanation.  


In striving to be more available to its membership, and in the interest of branding the organization to the general public, AVLIC has created a Facebook page ( and a Twitter account (


The intention of the social media accounts is to keep members and the general public informed of events and advertisements. AVLIC members are also directed to the MEMBERS ONLY section of the AVLIC website. In addition, content that is of interest in the interpreting field or related fields which is not posted on the AVLIC website can also be posted on the accounts (i.e. article on the topic of interpreting).


To ensure that up-to-date information is posted to AVLIC social media, the social media administrator must be appointed by the AVLIC Board of Directors. AVLIC’s preference of social media administrator is to be the president, vice president, AVLIC administrative manager and/or the Board liaison of the Public Relations Committee. Additional administrator access will be given to the administrative manager.


The social media administrator must consistently brand AVLIC using appropriate social media sites. The social media administrator should ensure that members are aware of AVLIC, affiliated events and industry interests, and must use social media to this end. AVLIC expects that the social media administrator will ensure that the information shared is accurate, professional and up-to date. Listed here are appropriate types of postings:

  • Informing members of new information available on the AVLIC website
  • Reminders of conferences, meetings, membership dues deadlines etc.
  • Advertising benefits of membership
  • Posting pictures of events
  • AVLIC products
  • Articles on interpreting or related topics
  • Announcements from Affiliate Chapters, interpreting organizations (i.e. WASLI, RID etc.), Deaf organizations and community stakeholder groups
  • Volunteer spotlight articles.

AVLIC retains the right to add or change this list at any time and without notice.

On a regular basis, short editorials from various groups will be posted via social media. These groups will include:

  • AVLIC administrative manager
  • AVLIC CES administrator
  • AVLIC Affiliate Chapters
  • AVLIC Public Relations Committee
  • AVLIC Board of Directors
  • Deaf community groups
  • AVLIC committees.

Each group will be responsible to write a short paper between 250-500 words or an ASL vlog between 2-5 minutes on current affairs happening in Canada, related to the group's focus.


Topics to be posted must be about current events or historical experiences within the interpreting and Deaf communities in Canada. Some topics related to the international community may be considered, if relevant to Canada.


Before submitting, the author will ensure their submission is final and complete. The AVLIC Publications Committee will further edit the papers for format and style, and make the final decision on content. AVLIC is building and maintaining relationships with members and stakeholders; therefore, AVLIC must endorse the content being posted to our social media sites.


Furthermore, the social media administrator will monitor all social media site pages for information exchange and topic appropriateness. 


All social media users (e.g. individual members, subscribers, organizations, staff, contractors and anyone using social media) are prohibited from using the AVLIC social media sites to make disparaging remarks toward or about any individual, organization/company, or AVLIC. 


If there is an issue that needs to be addressed with a member who has posted or shared items in contradiction to AVLIC’s Social Media Policy on the AVLIC Facebook or Twitter page, the social media administrator will remove the post and must contact the member directly via a personal message to explain the situation asking them to refrain from posting such information on the page. Should the issue persist, the member’s ability to comment on Facebook or Twitter will be revoked by the social media administrator and reported to the Board.


A disclaimer advising viewers of the AVLIC's Social Media Policy will be on the AVLIC Facebook and Twitter pages (and other social media sites if created).


Should an issue arise with a member of the general public consistently posting comments that are negative, or in bad taste, the administrator will delete the person and block any further access to the page.


The social media administrator will keep printed records of all postings, continuous comments or ill-natured information that results in deleting a member, fan, stakeholder or contract employee from the AVLIC Facebook and/or Twitter page or any AVLIC social media.


Members, stakeholders and contractors – It is the responsibility of members, stakeholders and contractors to be professional in nature with regards to posting, commenting and sharing information on all of AVLIC’s social media sites.


Social Media Administrator – It is the responsibility of the social media administrator to:

  • Ensure up-to-date and accurate information is posted on AVLIC’s social media sites
  • Monitor social media pages for information exchange and topic appropriateness
  • Respond appropriately to members, stakeholders and contractors in regards to shares/postings on AVLIC’s social media pages that are negative in nature
  • Print and retain posting/comment strands for AVLIC’s files.