• Hello AVLIC members!

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    This is an exciting week for AVLIC as we welcome our new Executive Director, Jennifer Best, on her first official day on the job. With the addition of the Executive Director, I would like to touch base with the members on who to contact if you need...

  • AVLIC Introduces New Executive Director - Jennifer Best

    [video: ASL welcome by Jocelyn Mark and introductory remarks by Jennifer Best]

    It is with great pleasure that the AVLIC Board of Directors announces that we have approved a recommendation from the Staffing Task Force to employ Jennifer Best as Executive Director...


    Dear AVLIC Members

    The second survey from the Name Change committee is ready for you to fill out.   This will allow you to consider the issues and respond with your opinions on changing the name of AVLIC prior to the Special Topic Sessions on July 15th, 2016.  The committee has prepared an article outlining the results of the first survey, responding to...

  • Dear Members,

    Over the past two years, the AVLIC Evaluations Committee (EC) and the AVLIC Board of Directors have disseminated numerous announcements regarding changes in the CES. We would like to take a moment to summarize why these changes are happening and how they will be rolled out.

    Why are changes occurring to the Canadian Evaluation System?

    There are three reasons for...


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    In April, we announced the name of the new VRS service, “SRV Canada VRS”, and today, we are announcing a new...