AVLIC Membership & Subscription Information

Becoming an AVLIC Member

AVLIC offers individual memberships in 2 different categories to individuals who meet the criteria outlined in AVLIC's Bylaws.


These categories are:

Class A Members - Active Interpreter, including

Class B Members - Students, including


Click on the appropriate link above to learn more about the process of becoming an AVLIC member under that category.


If You Don't Meet the Eligibilty Criteria for any of the Catgories Above You Can Sign Up for a Subscription Service

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Are you a Current Member Looking to Renew?

Current memberships and subscription services can be renewed beginning January 1 and must be renewed by midnight of March 31 annually. 


Click here to learn how to renew an existing membership.



Cost of a Membership


The cost of a membership depends on many factors, such as

  • first-time member discount
  • Affiliate Chapter fees
  • the type of membership 
  • if you are the age 60 or older
  • if you are late to renew or if your membership status is lapsed/expired


For a price chart, please click on the logo of the Affiliate Chapter you have chosen:











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