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Update October 9, 2013:

Earlier today the CRTC responded to AVLIC's request to appear at the VRS hearing by saying YES, we can present! This is wonderful news which is being shared with our members, Deaf community leaders and VRS advocacy groups by direct email as well as the public via AVLIC's Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The following message was sent to AVLIC through a network of professional spoken language interpreters and translators.


While the scams outlined in the link above seem to be targeting translation services rather than interpreting services, AVLIC urges all members to carefully negotiate terms and conditions and to use discretion.

A Milestone Reached for Community Interpreting in Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, June 12, 2013 – On behalf of more than 50 stakeholders, the Canadian Translators, Terminologists, and Interpreters Council (CTTIC) is pleased to announce the formation of the Canadian Coalition on Community Interpreting (CCCI). Community interpreting is bidirectional oral translation or sign language interpreting used in Canada by professionals in the public settings such as healthcare and social services to deliver services to limited-English and limited-French speakers. 


AVLIC's Intervention Submission to the CRTC

As you know, the CRTC is accepting submissions (interventions) in response to File Numbers: 8665-C12-201303536 and 8665-C12-200807943 in response to implementation of VRS in Canada.  AVLIC fully support the implementation of permanent Video Relay Services in Canada To read the full submission posted on the CRTC website, click on the letter below (only the first page is shown here, click on the letter to open the additional pages):

CRTC Report on the Technical Feasibility of Implementing a Video Relay Service in Canada

Thank you to the people or groups who have taken the time to send a comment on Video Relay Service in Canada to the CRTC! (Public record of comments filed with the CRTC: Interventions by Public Process)


The Dispute Resolution Process Level 1 will continue to be available to members and to the community, however, Level 2 and Level 3 have been suspended.  A review of the entire process is pending and an explanation is available on our website in both English and ASL.

Please take the time to review this important information by clicking either of the following links:

Remembering Leonard Charbonneau

Leonard Charbonneau












Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf - Online Dictionary 

Great Work by the AVLIC 2012 Committee! Thank You for Hosting!

Please join family and friends in celebrating and honouring the life of friend, mentor, loved one... 

Dona-Marie Rossi


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