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Dear Members,

Over the past two years, the AVLIC Evaluations Committee (EC) and the AVLIC Board of Directors have disseminated numerous announcements regarding changes in the CES. We would like to take a moment to summarize why these changes are happening and how they will be rolled out.

Why are changes occurring to the Canadian Evaluation System?

There are three reasons for changes to the CES:

·       one of the goals of the AVLIC 2010-2015 Strategic Plan was to increase the number of certified members


AVLIC Executive Director Job Posting

Application Deadline : June 24, 2016, 4:00pm ET

Location: Canada


The AVLIC 2016 Conference in Fredericton is coming upon us soon! And we have Trade Show tables for sale!

If you have crafts, books, computer software, or anything else you would like to show off and/or sell at the conference, we are selling Trade Show tables for $50 per day or $75 for 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday of the conference)*.

Request for Proposal - No. 10008: Canadian Evaluation System (CES) Test of Interpretation (TOI) Rating Revision

Click here to view the full RFP No. 10008 document and details.

Contract Term:

The Contract will commence immediately after contract is signed.

AVLIC 2016 Conference Schedule 

Please click here for the AVLIC 2016 conference schedule.

Please click here to read the latest WASLI Newsletter.

Here is an update from the CBC on their ongoing initiative to make public radio accessible.

As you will have seen from the recent Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) announcement ( VRS in Canada is getting closer to being a reality. 

The AVLIC Board feels that this is an opportune time to draft a position paper on AVLICs perspective of VRS in Canada, including the importance of employing AVLIC members, certification of interpreters, health and safety of interpreters, fair employment practices etc.

Applications Being Accepted for the David Still Memorial IEP Graduating Student Award

David Still


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