How to Join AVLIC as a LSQ-French Active Member

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Becoming an LSQ-French Active Member


General Information

Thank you for your interest in joining AVLIC! Here is some general information about AVLIC membership:

AVLIC Membership Year

The AVLIC membership year is from April 1st to March 31st annually.  New memberships can be processed at any time of the year, but membership fees will not be pro-rated. All memberships must be renewed by the next March 31st. 

Dual Membership Required

All AVLIC members are required to be a dual member of AVLIC and at least one (1) AVLIC Affiliate Chapter of their choice.

Benefits of AVLIC Membership

Click here to see a summary list of benefits afforded to AVLIC members. 


Criteria for Membership

The current membership criteria for LSQ-French Active membership is:


Proof of graduation is required for all new applications. Be prepared to submit a copy of a diploma or degree of graduation or official transcript documenting graduation. 


What if my IEP is not on AVLIC's Recognized Program List?

AVLIC's International IEP Review taskforce is mandated to review interpreter education programs which are not currently on the AVLIC recognized IEP list (this includes IEPs within the USA). They then make recommendations to the AVLIC Board of Directors to add IEPs with equitable program standards and outcomes to the current list. If you are interested in applying but your IEP does not appear on the recognized list, please contact the AVLIC office prior to completing an online application. 

The criteria the International IEP Review taskforce will be looking at are:

  • Program length
  • Faculty qualifications
  • Accreditation from Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education
  • Course content
  • Entrance pre-requisites
  • Delivery mode
  • Instruction
  • Relationship with the Deaf community


Not an IEP Graduate?

At this time, AVLIC is unable to accept applications from LSQ-French Interpeters who are not graduates of an Interpreter Education Program.  


If you are not a graduate of an Interpreter Education Program but have experience that could be applied towards credits at an IEP, consider contacting one of the AVLIC recognized Interpreter Education Programs directly to inquire about a Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR).


Pleae Note: AVLIC does not offer a PLAR nor do we facilitate the process; this is to be negotiated independently and directly through an IEP (cost to be determined by the IEP). However, upon successful completion of a PLAR and courses required, a person is awarded a diploma or degree (whichever is applicable) and that proof of graduation can be used to apply for AVLIC membership.


Cost of an LSQ Interpreter Active Membership


The cost to become an Active LSQ Interpreter member depends on many factors, such as


For a price chart, please click on the logo of the Affiliate Chapter you have chosen:














How to Apply for Membership

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Are you a Current Member Looking to Renew your Membership?

Current memberships and subscription services can be renewed beginning January 1 and must be renewed by midnight of March 31 annually. 


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Are you a Former Member Looking to Reinstate your Membership? 

Please contact the AVLIC office at



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