Details of Membership Benefits

Details of Membership Benefits

Summary list of benefits afforded to Active & Student members and to subscribers.

Directory of AVLIC Members

The Directory of all Active (working) AVLIC members is only offered to Active members (not Student members or subscribers). Each listing contains the name, location (based on mailing address), Affiliate Chapter(s), e-mail address (optional) and settings the interpreter has experience working in. The Directory is available to members of the public for the purpose of contracting interpreting services.

E-mail Buddy Program

The E-mail Buddy Program is only offered to Active and Student members (not subscribers). It is a program which introduces two members by e-mail so they can begin corresponding privately about issues related to sign language interpreting, including ethics, professional conduct, semantics, politics etc. In the pairing, typically one of the interpreters will be newer to the field (or even a Student member) and the other will have more experience; and efforts are made to have members from different regions matched.

E-Mail Distribution List

An e-mail list managed by AVLIC which is used to send current announcements directly to members and subscribers. Announcements may include, but are not limited to, news releases, information from / about AVLIC, conference advertising, job postings, professional development opportunities etc. Affiliate Chapters also manage local e-mail distribution lists.

Letter to Employer

Offer only extended to Active members (not Student members or subscribers). Letters stating Active membership status for the current year will be prepared and mailed directly to the employer named on the member's profile.

Membership Confirmation Letter

Letter, printed on AVLIC letterhead and mailed to Student members, confirming Student membership status with AVLIC and the applicable Affiliate Chapter(s). The letter can be used to confirm membership when Student members attend observations, volunteer interpreting assignments or practicum placements. 

Membership Card

Electronic card, similar in size to a credit card, confirming Active membership status with AVLIC and the applicable Affiliate Chapter(s) will be sent to all members. A laminated card will be sent to members who request them by the deadline. The card can be used to confirm membership by Active members at assignments or to meet employment or contract requirements.

Social Media

AVLIC's social media sites are accessible to anyone. No membership with AVLIC is required to "like" or "follow" the sites. ( (