Canadian Evaluation System

Becoming Certified in Canada

The national certification process is referred to as the Canadian Evaluation System (CES) and is only available to AVLIC members (see Membership Information page for details on becoming a member). AVLIC members who have successfully completed the CES process are awarded the Certificate of Interpretation (COI). In Canada, it is not required to have this certification to work as an interpreter (however some employers do require you to have certain phases in order to work), but it is recommended that all AVLIC members work towards this certification. Members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct when they become a member and one of the tenets reads as follows:

2.4.1     Members will incorporate current theoretical and applied knowledge, enhance that knowledge through continuing education throughout their professional careers and will strive for AVLIC certification.

The CES is a four-phase system offered to Active, ASL-English AVLIC members. AVLIC members can find more details about the CES by signing into their member sign in/members only accounts and then clicking on the following link: Interpreters move through the four phases in the following sequence:

Phase One: Written Test of Knowledge (WTK)  

  • 73 question multiple choice test which ensures the candidate has the appropriate background knowledge in the field ASL-English interpretation
  • Offered on the third Saturday of January, April, July and November
  • Student members of AVLIC can apply if in their final semester of their program

Written Test of Knowledge Reading List

Written Test of Knowledge Study Tips

Please note: Certification is granted upon successful completion of Phases One through Three to ASL-English interpreters who have had continuous Active AVLIC membership. Passing the Written Test of Knowledge in no way constitutes any form of certification and may not be considered as partially certified.

Phase Two: Preparation 

  • Development Resource Online Clearinghouse - Coming Soon!

Phase Three: Test of Interpretation (TOI)

  • Offered annually the first Saturday in March
  • Candidates are evaluated on their ability to provide message-equivalent interpretations between American Sign Language and English
  • Focuses on interpretation samples from ASL to English, English to ASL and two interactive interpretations
  • Under the guidance of a facilitator, samples are rated by three deaf raters then three certified interpreters
  • Successful completion of this phase awards the Certificate of Interpretation (COI)

Phase Four: Certification Maintenance

  • Currently under development 

Individuals must maintain membership in order to keep their CES status valid (see Motion WP14G-06 for more details). A list of current members can be viewed here.

To learn more about becoming a member of AVLIC please click here.