YOUR HELP is needed! AVLIC Wants You!



Busy times are ahead for AVLIC; the AVLIC membership has mandated the Board to oversee numerous goals and projects during the 2014-2016 term. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE for these goals and projects to be complete without committee members, and this means YOU!  

We currently have insufficient volunteers on a number of committees, as a result the work is not progressing; please review the list of committee needs below and see how you can assist your professional association. 

Note: not all AVLIC committees are listed below; only the committees that need more members are shown here. Click on the committee title to send an e-mail of interest to the coordinator.

Members Needed for the 2014 - 2016 Term 

Standing Committees:

Bylaws, Policy and Procedure Committee

Do you like policy writing; formatting for consistency; is “Eats Shoots and Leaves” on your bookshelf? Then this is the committee for you. There is always a need to review and update AVLIC policies and procedures to ensure we’re serving members in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.

Educational Interpreting Issues Committee

Are you interested in K-12 interpreting and promoting the need for quality interpreters for the K-12 setting? This committee’s work is to support interpreters and consumers, to assist with educating school districts on the role of interpreters and to update the Interpreters in Educational Settings resource document.

Public Relations Committee

Is promoting AVLIC membership to employers important to you? Do you feel passionate about educating the public about AVLIC? Do you have your finger on the pulse of hot topics relevant to interpreters? This vital but under-staffed committee needs those with PR skills to help persuade employers to hire AVLIC members and to help manage the dissemination of information about AVLIC-initiatives to membership.

Publications Committee

Do you enjoy reading the AVLIC News? Why not be involved in this well-oiled committee? Many of the long-standing committee members remain dedicated to this group, but with some recent departures by a few members there is a need for additional people.

Ad Hoc Committees:

Anti-Audism Strategy Development Committee

Are you interested in the elimination of audist behavior? Do you want to help alert AVLIC members, consumers and stakeholders to what behaviors are considered audist? With two new & keen committee co-coordinators, this committee can get to developing some ground breaking work on a position paper on anti-audism strategies – you should considering joining now.

AVLIC Name Change Committee

Do you want to investigate changing our AVLIC name?  Do you have skills necessary to investigate a name change: developing surveys of members and stakeholders; coordinating graphic design and branding prototypes; investigating financial implications of a name change; and/or advising on the history of AVLIC and how we came to choose that name in the first place? Then this committee is looking for your input and support.

Deaf Interpreter Position Paper and Membership Criteria Committee

This committee was mandated to investigate DI membership and create an AVLIC position paper. The paper is virtually complete, but still needs to be vetted through reading circles before it can be presented to membership for ratification. Committee members needed now should have skills overseeing the distribution of the position paper to the reading circles, gathering and incorporating feedback and then redistributing the document to the next reading circle. This work will ideally be completed by the 2015 AGM.

LSQ Relations Committee

Do you want to improve relations between AVLIC and our LSQ colleagues? This committee has not been mandated to produce any specific documents, but still has an important role that will benefit members, consumers and stakeholders alike. We are looking for members who can facilitate the development of strong ties to our LSQ colleagues and guide AVLIC in next steps in fostering that relationship. 

Appeals Policy Development

Are you interested in creating appeal processes for AVLIC members? As mentioned earlier, developing procedures to ensure we’re serving members in a fair, equitable and consistent manner are needed. Your input to this newly struck committee is needed – consider joining today.


As you know, AVLIC is a volunteer driven association.  Without the efforts of members like you, we would not be what we are today.  To those who volunteer at the provincial and national level - thank you!


Each committee has its own unique responsibilities; surely one of them can meet your area of interest. Or, if you know of a colleague whose skills match perfectly with one of the committees listed above, consider contacting the Board & Committee Development team or the AVLIC office to let us know their name. We would be happy to reach out to them to ask for their involvement.


To find out more about all AVLIC committees and their mandates, visit the Committees page found in the members only section of the AVLIC website (you will need to be signed into your AVLIC account). All committees welcome new members, not only the ones listed above.


If you find a committee you are interested in joining, please send us an e-mail (click on the name of the committee above). If you want to volunteer but you are not sure which committee is a good fit for you, contact the Board & Committee Development team or the AVLIC office.  


The majority of the work on these committees will be done online and requires a varying degree of commitment.  Volunteering for your professional association is a great way to contribute, meet colleagues on a national scale and learn about our field. Please consider being involved – it will be appreciated and it is necessary to achieve the goals of your Association. 


For more information please contact the Board & Committee Development team or the AVLIC office.