AVLIC Student Members' Group on Facebook

AVLIC Facebook Group for IEP Student Members

AVLIC has a Facebook group for AVLIC Student Members!  If you are a Student member, check it out: AVLIC Student Members

The group is intended for ASL-English interpreter education program (IEP) students to network with one another and to discuss issues related to their training or programs. 

The group is designed for AVLIC (Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada) Student members and will be monitored by AVLIC for the purpose of ensuring AVLIC-related questions & comments are responded to accurately.  Otherwise, the group's members are encouraged to lead the discussions.

Please note: this is a closed group, so the public can only see who the members are but are not able to view the posts. To join, click the "Ask to Join Group" button at the top right of the AVLIC Student Members page.