Graduating Students - Upgrade to Active Membership Details

Upgrade from Student to Active Membership

Congratulations to the students who are about to graduate from the interpreter education programs across the country!  

As you know, graduation from an AVLIC-recognized IEP (click here for a link to the currently recognized programs) means you will be eligible to upgrade your Student membership to Active status.  

Becoming an Active member will afford you some new membership benefits, including:

Upgrade Particulars:

Upgrading from Student to Active membership must be completed before you begin working as a professional sign language interpreter or within 90 days of completing the WTK, whichever comes first.  If you are graduating in June but do not intend to work as a professional interpreter until the fall, you can wait until then to upgrade. (Note: cost of upgrading is the same regardless of when it is processed so there's no advantage to waiting.)

The cost of upgrading to Active status will vary depending on your Affiliate Chapter's fees.  The cost will be calculated by taking the cost to join as a First-time Active member minus the amount you have already paid for your Student membership.  

  • For example: a MAPSLI Student member pays $65 for Student membership.  When s/he upgrades to Active, s/he is charged an additional $90 (First-time member fee of $155 minus $65 for the Student fees already paid).

How to Upgrade:

At this time, there is no automated nor online option to upgrade your membership to Active (we're working on it!).  In an effort to streamline the process in the meantime, we ask that you follow these 5 simple steps to complete your upgrade:

  1. click here to activate the automated email to AVLIC's administrative manager
  2. complete the sections of the email where you see <info contained within this style of bracket>
  3. add any notes specific to your situation on the bottom of the email
  4. include documentation showing you graduated from an IEP.  AVLIC will be notified of graduating students from some IEPs, but inclusion of a scanned copy of a graduation certificate or transcript may assist in the finalization of your upgrade.
  5. edit your members only profile to ensure the "Education & Certification" and the "Privacy" sections are updated. (ie. add which service domains you intend to work in as a professional and include employer details if you would like a letter sent on your behalf)

After the Upgrade is Completed:

Once the upgrade is completed:

  • your AVLIC members only account will be updated to show you as Active
  • your name will appear in the Directory of Members
  • a membership card will be printed and mailed to you
  • your upgrade will be forwarded to your Affiliate Chapter's membership coordinator for adjustment on their roster too

Outstanding Questions?:

Please call or text the AVLIC office (pacific time zone) at 1-778-874-3165 to discuss any questions or concerns not outlined here.