ASL Translation - Seeking Quotes

English to ASL Translation - AVLIC is Seeking Quotes

In 2011, Interpreting Legal Discourse & Working in Legal Settings: An AVLIC Position Paper was revised and updated (motions pertaining to the revision noted below)[i]


AVLIC heartily thanks the Ontario Interpreting Services Provincial Office of the Canadian Hearing Society and Accessibility Consulting Services of the Canadian Hearing Society for providing the financial sponsorship to undertake this important project!


In the original proposal an American Sign Language version was also planned. Unfortunately, over the course of the revision and since that time, financial limitations have eliminated funding for the ASL translation.


In an effort to secure funding through other means, AVLIC is seeking quotes to create an ASL version to accompany the English version already available.


To read about the scope of the translation project, the requirements and considerations, click on the documents below (only the first page is shown here, click on the document to open the additional page).

Submissions should be received by October 22, 2013.

English to ASL Translation - Seeking Quotes

[i] OT10G-31    

With sponsorship provided by the Ontario Interpreting Services Provincial Office of the Canadian Hearing Society and the Accessibility Consulting Services of the Canadian Hearing Society, AVLIC will hire a consultant to review the current document, update the language and content as well as incorporate current research results, in order to reflect current professional practices and offer improved guidance to those practitioners who provide service in legal venues.  The consultant will develop from this document a summarized monograph which will be used for advocacy and lobbying purposes with those individuals and agencies who hire interpreters in these settings.  Both documents will be available on the AVLIC website in written English and American Sign Language by the time of the next AGM in June of 2011.

Lesley Roach (Courtney Cockburn)CARRIED

Rationale:  The current document utilized by our members was first made available in 1994 and has never been updated; motions to this effect were carried in at AGMs in 2006 and 2008 but little work of any substance has yet to begin.  As a result of discussion at the STS on July 9, 2010 there was an agreement that an updated version of this document is sorely needed yet volunteers have neither the time nor expertise to do the professional research required.   The Provincial Programme Director of OIS has offered to sponsor this endeavour; the end result will benefit practitioners across Canada and provide educational materials to those who utilize the services of our members.

It is expected that the committee will hire and supervise the consultant, and a position paper will be developed.  In addition, a 2-page executive summary will be produced to highlight the position paper.

There will be no financial implications to AVLIC.



I move acceptance of the revised document “Interpreting Legal Discourse and Working in Legal Settings – An AVLIC Position Paper”.

Lesley Roach (Glenda Messier) CARRIED

Rationale: At the AVLIC 2007 Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a motion was passed directing the AVLIC Board of Directors to investigate the need to revise the Interpreting in Legal Settings document (WP07G-05). An Ad Hoc Committee was struck and the authors of the original document were contacted for their feedback. After further investigation, it was suggested that some sections of the document needed to be updated and some needed to be removed. A further motion was passed at the 2008 Annual General Meeting in St. John’s, Newfoundland, directing the Board of Directors to strike an Ad Hoc Committee to revise the document and determine the format that would best suit the needs of the organization and its members (STJ08G-27).

The Ad Hoc Committee Chair Lesley Roach (who originally volunteered to participate in the committee at the 2006 AVLIC AGM in Toronto, Ontario) solicited committee members and collected feedback on those sections that needed further updating and revisions. While the Committee struggled with the task of making necessary changes and updates to the document, it was recognized that much research concerning the field of interpreting legal discourse and the interpreter practitioner within legal settings was available. The Committee decided it had insufficient time and other resources to devote to a project of this magnitude.

At the AVLIC 2010 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario a further motion was passed that directed the AVLIC Board of Directors, with financial sponsorship from the Ontario Interpreting Services Provincial Program, to hire Dr. Debra Russell as a consultant to conduct a review of the document, including revisions and incorporating current research in the field of legal interpreting.

The document resulting from the review, “Interpreting Legal Discourse and Working in Legal Settings – an AVLIC Position Paper”, provides practitioners and employers of interpreters with a reference resource when hiring an interpreter for legal related matters. As stated in the preamble of the document:

“We expect that this revised AVLIC document will shape standards for interpreting legal discourse and working in legal settings in Canada in ways that can be supported by AVLIC members and provincial Ministries of the Attorney General.”

Financial Impact: None

*Note: The Position Paper will be translated into ASL and will be available on the website in August 2012