Associations' News Releases About Interpreter at Mandela Memorial

Associations' Responses to Interpreter at Mandela Memorial

In response to the 'interpreter' at the memorial service for the late South African President Nelson Mandela on December 10, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa, there have been world-wide comments made. Some of the public News Releases by associations and organizations are summarized below.

The list is not exhaustive and will be updated as releases are noted. 

AcronymFull Name & Link to News Release
ASLIukAssociation of Sign Language Interpreters in the United Kingdom
AVLICAssociation of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada 
CADCanadian Association of the Deaf
CCRWCanadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
CHSCanadian Hearing Society (Ontario) 
DHADeaf and Hear Alberta
EFSLIEuropean Forum of Sign Language Interpreters
MAPSLIMaritime Association of Professional Sign Language Interpreters (Affiliate Chapter of AVLIC)
NADNational Association of the Deaf (USA)
RIDRegistry of Interpreters for the Deaf (USA) 
RSA Gov'tGovernment of South Africa
WFD & WASLIWorld Federation of the Deaf – World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (Joint Statement)
Deaf Australia & ASLIADeaf Australia - Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Australia (Joint Statement)


This list is for the benefit of AVLIC members and our community stakeholders and is not an official summary document.