Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

This announcement has been recently updated. This offer is now available to any AVLIC member regardless of where they live.

During the 2013 calendar-year, AVLIC members were able to take advantage of Professional Liability Insurance under a group rate plan. Unfortunately, not enough members were interested in the coverage and AVLIC was unable to meet the minimum-required number for the reduced group rate through the underwriter. As a result, national group rate coverage is no longer available for the 2014 calendar-year through the previous underwriter.


However, AVLIC is pleased to suggest Louis Meier Insurance as a broker. The primary Louis Meier Insurance representative, Blair Tinianov will be able to explain more about their coverage options and refer any non-Ontario residents to a local broker who offers the same insurance product.

Coverage available:

  • Professional Liability insurance, including:
    • Errors & Omissions coverage
    • Commercial General Liability coverage
    • Tenant Legal Liability coverage
    • Standard Non-Owned Automobile coverage

The broker suggested, Blair Tinianov, is familiar with the work of a sign language interpreter which may make the process easier for you when discussing your individual needs; however, AVLIC does not have a contractual agreement with Louis Meier Insurance Brokers Ltd. and does not necessarily endorse the services offered through their office. AVLIC members are welcome to contact any insurance company to discuss insurance options and specific needs.