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Professional Development Workshop: Immigration Law and Working with Deaf Interpreters

The message below is from TSLIS:

Dear respected colleagues, 

Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service (TSLIS) is an interpreter run organization dedicated to providing valuable professional development for the benefit of the professional practice of Sign Language Interpreting. Our emphasis on professionalism will further extend to improve services for the Deaf community. 

TSLIS is providing an excellent workshop for you on the entire scope of "Immigration Law and Working with Deaf Interpreters". We have invited Queen's Diamond Jubilee award winning lawyer Chantal Desloges, and accomplished Deaf Interpreter Tim Mallach to present for us. 

If you have considered starting to accept assignments or have already worked in an immigration law setting, this will be a very beneficial workshop for you. Starting the morning with a hearing expert in her field, immigration law and working with interpreters Followed by an accomplished Deaf interpreter discussing the challenges of working with new Canadians and non-ASL Deaf users. 

Interpreters, interpreter students, Deaf community immigration workers are welcome. 

ASL Interpreting will only be provided for the morning session. 

ASL video introduction by Tim Mallach 

Registration Deadline Extended to June 21, 2014




























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