Thanks for Supporting a WASLI 2015 Delegate

Thanks for Donating to Sponsor a WASLI Delegate

Thanks so very much to everyone at AVLIC 2014 who lightened their pockets and pocket books of coins and bills to help support a delegate from a developing nation to attend the WASLI 2015 conference in Istanbul, Turkey (July 22-25, 2015). We managed to shake the piggy and get $142.00 from everyone. WAY TO GO and thank you again. Thank you too to Deb Flaig (Calgary) who did an amazing 'shake down' of the room on Friday (or was it Thursday???)  - haha!


If you weren't able to donate at during AVLIC 2014, it's not too late to donate even a few dollars to support an Emerging Countries delegate. Visit Sponsors | Conference 2015 and choose the to make a donation.



Sue Tompkins (Calgary)