CRTC Call for Comments

CRTC NOC-188-1, Notice of Consultation.


In late June 2014, AVLIC requested feedback from members regarding the proposal submitted by the interim board for the composition of the permanent Canadian VRS Board of Directors. To view the proposal and other related documents, please click here.


In July 2014, AVLIC hosted a Special Interest Group (SIG) on VRS at the AVLIC conference and we have received comments from various stakeholders. Two points were made clear to us from the SIG and subsequent conversations.


The proposal submitted should be changed to state the following:

  • Interpreter representatives should be a full voting directors on the board (not a non-voting permanent invitee)

  • Interpreter representatives (minimally the ASL-English representative) should be an Active member of AVLIC


AVLIC wrote a letter to the interim board that outlined these two points and requested the change to the proposal. Unfortunately, the interim board decided not to change their proposal to include AVLIC's requests. The reasons they state for this can be found in their proposal submission to the CRTC (click on the above Related Documents "Proposals" which is the last link under Notice 2014-188).


We encourage you to also write an intervention to CRTC advocating for the two above mention requests. The link for the Call for Comments can be found here. The deadline for interventions is August 28, 2014.