Canadian Coalition on Community Interpreting (CCCI) Launches New Website

Canadian Coalition on Community Interpreting (CCCI) Launches New Website

The Canadian Coalition on Community Interpreting (CCCI) is a pan-Canadian alliance made up of over 50 key industry stakeholders. CCCI is leading a national approach to professionalizing the community interpreting field [including both spoken language interpreting and sign language interpreting].

Under the leadership of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists, and Interpreters Council (CTTIC), the CCCI represents more than 50 key stakeholders involved in the Community interpreting industry in Canada. [AVLIC has been a stakeholder and has been involved in ongoing meetings with other interpreting industry groups.] Take a look at the list of stakeholders.

CCCI has recently launched a new website:


CCCI Vision

Professional recognition and respect for community interpreters in Canada

CCCI Mission

To work in collaboration and partnership to establish national standards of qualification and practice for community interpreters

The Coalition has been working nationally to:

  • Establish common ground around existing practices and activities, 
  • Create a  foundation and framework for professionalization,
  • Assist regulatory bodies to establish standards for certification.     

Why is a Coalition Necessary?

An organized national approach to professionalizing the community interpreting field is necessary for the success of the initiative. Creating a national foundation for the professionalization and recognition of the community interpreter will help all public service providers (e.g. doctors, social workers, etc.) deliver safe and effective services.  Professional community interpreters can ensure that limited-English and limited-French speakers or deaf or hard of hearing clients receive the same high quality services as do English or French speakers. A pan-Canadian approach will establish the national framework for the professionalization of community interpreting.

What has been done so far?

In January 2014, a Steering Committee was struck to guide the development of a National Roadmap and Framework. In addition, the SC also was critical to the development of a Vision and Mission Statement for the CCCI. Working with Consulting Project Manager, the SC approved a DRAFT set of documents. These documents are now in the process of being surveyed by all CCCI Members.


In addition to the Steering Committee, the CCCI also struck both a Standards Committee and a Communications Committee. The Standards Committee is currently reviewing global standards for applicability and relevance to the Canadian context with the expectation that a recommended approach will be delivered Fall 2014. 

What is Community Interpreting?

Community Interpreting is bidirectional oral translation or sign language interpreting used in Canada by professionals in the public settings such as healthcare and social services to deliver services to limited-English and limited-French speakers.   

The community interpreting sector in all its forms is not just the backbone of public services to Canada's culturally and linguistically diverse populations; it ensures equal access to public services for all linguistic groups.

To learn more about CCCI visit the new website: