Follow-up to Board Meeting on October 4 & 5, 2014

Dear AVLIC members and valued stakeholders,

Your Board was in Edmonton, Alberta on the October 4-5, 2014 weekend attending to AVLIC business. Edmonton was chillier in temperature than expected, but the welcome we received from our hosts and the Deaf community was very warm.


We would like to thank ASLIA for making arrangements for our meeting at the Alberta School for the Deaf. The school was a wonderful location or our meeting. Your Board would also like to thank the Edmonton Association of the Deaf for the invitation, through ASLIA, to their 63rd Anniversary Banquet on October 4, 2014. We were made to feel quite welcome at the Edmonton Deaf Centre with dinner and great conversation.


This meeting was the first of your new 2014 - 2016 Board of Directors since the Winnipeg AVLIC conference. Your new directors came to the meeting well prepared and as such were able to complete a hefty agenda within the allotted time.


Unsure of who is on your AVLIC Board? View the following clip or view the photo, brief introduction and biography for each Board member by visiting the Board of Directors page on the AVLIC website.








Your Board is pleased to inform you of the following highlights from the October meeting;

Canadian Evaluation System (CES)

The CES is always a topic of discussion at Board meetings; this meeting was no different. At the recent AGM, membership tasked the Board to arrange a CES taskforce to investigate how best to fulfill Goal 1: Increased number of interpreters achieving the Certificate of Interpretation (CES) in the AVLIC Strategic Plan. The Board discussed who will be asked to join the taskforce based on nominations from members. Once the taskforce is confirmed, they will begin meeting and preparing recommendations to be ready for the 2015 AGM. Stay tuned.


Contracts are being renewed with CES personnel. Once complete AVLIC will be able to run Phase Two: Preparation Workshops and Phase Three: Test of Interpretation offerings. The goal is to have everything in place to start in the new year. Phase One: Written Test of Knowledge continues to be offered.


We are pleased to announce that Monique LeDrew has been hired as the AVLIC CES administrator. Monique is a valuable asset to AVLIC and we look forward to working with her on the administrative and logistical arrangements for your CES.

CRTC Permanent Board

As you are aware, the CRTC has approved VRS in Canada. The interim VRS board has proposed a structure of the permanent VRS board, the call for comments is complete and now AVLIC is looking ahead to having AVLIC representatives on the permanent VRS board. The call for nominations from the CRTC has not been announced yet; however, your Board is being preemptive so we are not caught off guard when the expectedly short deadline call for nominations is made.


The Board is devising criteria, in consultation with stakeholders and Affiliate Chapters that the successful candidate should have to properly represent AVLIC members. We will be distributing a call for nominations to the membership soon. Please consider yourself or someone you know that would fit this role. AVLIC feels that all members need strong representation on the permanent VRS board to discuss what interpreters will need to facilitate VRS successfully in Canada and to serve our communities with the highest level of standards.

AVLIC Financials

Following the success of the presentation of the AVLIC financials to membership during the AVLIC 2014 conference, a recurring topic on the Board's agendas are updates on AVLIC’s financial standing and budget projections, for the benefit of both new and returning Board members. It is vital for the Board and members to understand the operating budget for the association. An updated budget projection and comparison with the previous year’s actual expenses was discussed.


Unfortunately, our current operational budget leaves us in a deficit of approximately $33,000. While we do have reserves, the reserves are earmarked for other projects and initiatives. Your Board is actively seeking ways in which to increase revenues, if you have any suggestions, we welcome them. Members are always welcome to contact your AVLIC Treasurer Cindy Haner (, with any questions about AVLIC financials. 

Appeals Process for Members

AVLIC hired HR Pros to standardize our current policies and procedures as well as draft new policies and procedures we were lacking. One policy provided to us was for appeals. Your Board feels that the process of appeals should have membership input at the formulation stage and then be brought to the wider membership at the 2015 AGM. To this end a new ad hoc committee was struck during the meeting. If this topic interests you, please consider volunteering for this committee. A Call for Interest will be made very soon to solicit interest from members to join this committee. In the meantime feel free to contact AVLIC Secretary Chris Racine ( as Board liaison to the Appeals Process Committee.

Staffing Needs

The business of AVLIC is managed by the administrative manager under the direction of your Board of Directors. However, as our membership grows and national or provincial issues arise your Board is realizing that more staffing is required to ensure that items mandated to us by our members are completed in a timely manner. Your Board struck a taskforce to investigate how best to serve our members and respect the limited yearly operating budget we have. We anticipate that this taskforce will have recommendations ready early in the new year.

Membership Topics

A few updates and agenda items cumulatively relate to membership issues. In brief, these topics include: ongoing updates to the website to reflect motions passed at the 2014 AGM; a new initiative whereby membership cards can be used like ID badges; and the increased need for PR to employers of interpreters about the advantages of hiring AVLIC members. Your Board continues to investigate and to further advance these initiatives.

What’s Next for Your Board?

  1. Finalize the CES taskforce
  2. E-mail a Call for Nominations to the Active members to join the VRS permanent board
  3. Enlist more committee members for both AVLIC standing and ad hoc committees
  4. Create a plan of action for AVLIC staffing needs.
  5. Create a plan if action to increase revenues
  6. Finalize the staffing taskforce