Signing Animated Dictionary for Kids

Signing Animated Dictionary for Kids

AVLIC is pleased to forward the following message from the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD):

Click to play ASL video by DCC   ASL video message from Deaf Culture Centre

What is the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) doing now? is creating a future encouraging a greater level of communication and ultimately promote reading, writing and research skills of the Deaf children.

How is CCSD creating this?

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, under the auspices of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), is developing the first Animated ASL Dictionary for Children. The vision, design, research and implementation of the dictionary is the result of years of research and an identified enormous need for it. The free online dictionary can be found at It allows children to look up words in their primary language according to the hand shape, location and movement of signs.

What is our story and Why should you support this? 

Click HERE for more information.

And we need your help to complete the dictionary.

The dictionary is currently 85% complete and we are so close to reaching our goal of 1500 words. We are depending on your donation to help us complete our dictionary and support a fantastic cause: ASL literacy for children. The children experience of not knowing a natural visual language should not be a reality for any Deaf child!

Can you help us complete the fully animated ASL dictionary for children this year?

You can help by starting today through to September 30, 2015 to raise funds for this project! Be a part of something that could impact the future of Deaf children's true access to visual language! You can help by contacting your friends, colleagues and relatives. 

Click HERE to donate. You will receive an automatic tax donation receipt. 

On behalf of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, we thank you for your great support! 


Rylyn Kvarnberg, Public Relations Director

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf