CDSA Needs Interpreters to Support Team Canada

Interpreters Needed by Canadian Deaf Sports Assocation (CDSA)

Come on out and lend us your hands and voices for a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community and to support our upcoming Canadian Team Canada Athletes on their adventure to make dreams come true!! 


If the Deaflympics or traveling abroad to support Team Canada is something you've been contemplating and haven't had the chance to get involved or don't know where to start - this is a great way to delve in and gain more experience in a safe, supportive, welcoming and inspiring environment working with coaches and athletes from across the country.  Even if you are curious as to what Deaf Sports is all about - come on out and show your support!!!


CDSA has an upcoming camp this September and they are looking for ASL-English Interpreters as well as ASL-LSQ Interpreters for some upcoming training/selection camps happening in Toronto, Ontario. 


There will be an upcoming Athletics camp in Toronto at York University, Toronto Track and Field Centre, 4700 Keele St. on September 25-26, 2015.  The schedule is as follows:  Friday, September 25, 2015 (4:30pm - 8:30pm ET) and Saturday, September 26, 2015 (10am - 12pm and 12:45pm - 3pm ET).


Even if you are only available for some of the time frames, please come on out!!!  Your support is greatly appreciated!!!


Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities in your community and elsewhere by checking the CDSA website and their facebook page.  Share information!!! If you know of any athletes who may be interested in any of the sports please encourage them to come on out and participate and contact their local Provincial Sports Association and CDSA. Let's challenge ourselves to spread the word and get active!!! 


Please contact Kristin Trott ( to either volunteer or negotiate pay.  Also, feel free to contact Kristin for general information and she will be more than happy to share or get you in contact with coaches and teams that you may be interested in.


Looking forward to your participation and involvement!


Announcement submitted by Janice McLaren, ASL/English Interpreter

Volunteer Interpreter:  For many National training/selection camps across Canada, National Championships, Deaflympics, World Championships, Pan Am Games for the Deaf, South American Games for the Deaf


On behalf of CDSA, your support is crucial and plays an essential role in regards to the development and success of our Team Canada Athletes!!! Spread the word - Team Canada needs you!!!  Go Team Canada Go!!!!