Staffing Task Force Update - November 2015

Update from the Staffing Task Force

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Dear members,

In 2010, AVLIC members ratified a strategic plan that included the goal of hiring an Executive Director because of the increasing stress on the volunteer Board of Directors historically responsible for overseeing all projects, committees and activities of the Association. AVLIC has always had amazingly supportive volunteers who work tirelessly to support and advance the Association - committee / taskforce members, coordinators and Board members, to name a few. Most members are unaware that many volunteers, especially Board members, spend upwards of 20-40 hours per week on AVLIC business in addition to their full-time interpreting careers.

The Staffing Task Force has been diligently working on the process of hiring an Executive Director for AVLIC. We are happy to announce that in consultation with national and provincial Deaf associations and AVLIC Affiliate Chapters, we are ready to distribute the job posting and description for an Executive Director. The Staffing Task Force has taken all feedback received from the last posting and process into consideration when developing this posting and subsequent process.  

The AVLIC Board of Directors encourages members to distribute the posting when it is released. The posting will be open for 30 days, at that time, potential candidates will be contacted for an interview and the goal of the Staffing Task Force is to have a contract signed by the end of 2015.

Volunteers established AVLIC and brought the Association to where it is today; however, over the years members’ expectations of AVLIC have increased but our number of volunteers and staff have not. We are excited for the upcoming opportunity to work with a new person who brings experience and energy to our organization.

Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC president, will be distributing next steps for the AVLIC Board in the coming days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christie Reaume, past president at


The Staffing Task Force,

Barb Mykle-Hotzon

Christie Reaume

Colleen Friel

Janice Lyons

Maureen Haan

Wayne Nicholson