AVLIC Staffing Task Force Update - January 2016

Update from the Staffing Task Force

The AVLIC Staffing Task Force has reviewed all 29 applications received by the closing date of January 4, 2016 for the AVLIC Executive Director position. From the 29 received applications, 5 will be interviewed which will be conducted in the coming weeks. All 5 candidates that will be interviewed are fluent in both English and American Sign Language.


The interview team consists of Jocelyn Mark (AVLIC president), Janice Lyons (AVLIC director), Maureen Haan (AVLIC parliamentary advisor) and Wayne Nicholson (Deaf community representative). They will make a recommendation to the AVLIC Board of Directors, the position will be offered to the successful candidate and the contract signed with an anticipated start date of February 1, 2016. 


We ask for your patience during these staffing changes. For the foreseeable future, your Board will focus on the following:

  • Transitioning from a working board to a governance board
  • The processing of membership renewals and applications
  • Reviewing the current Administrative Manager position job description with the Executive Director and establish next steps for staffing the Association, and
  • Working with the new Executive Director to establish a plan for the upcoming months and year.

If you have any questions, please contact Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC President at president@avlic.ca