Written Test of Knowledge (WTK) Offering - April 16, 2016

The next offering of the Written Test of Knowledge (WTK) is in April, 2016

The test is offered every year in January, April, July and November, or by special offering with a minimum of five test takers. The date for this offering is Saturday April 16, 2016 and offering locations will be determined by the applicant's addresses or preferences.

Registration deadline is February 27, 2016

To register:

·       hover your mouse over the blue MEMBERS ONLY tab at the far right

·       click on Canadian Evaluation System from drop down menu

·       scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Phase One: Written Test of Knowledge (WTK)

·       scroll to the bottom of the page to the tan coloured box and click Register for Phase 1*

·       proceed with the registration method of your choice (Online or By Mail)

Please note that in order for your registration to be accepted by the CES office, the WTK application form and test fees must by received at the office by midnight, February 27, 2016.  Please send us a quick e-mail if you have faxed or mailed in your application so we will know to expect it.

*note: CES status accounts should be updated so only eligible members have the option to register. If you believe you are eligible to register for the workshop but your MEMBERS ONLY profile won't allow you access, or if you have any other questions, please contact Monique LeDrew, the CES administrator, ces@avlic.ca.