Delayed Reply from the AVLIC Office

Reason for Delayed Replies from the AVLIC Office

As members know, AVLIC is on the cusp of exciting times. A new Executive Director, Chris Kenopic, has been hired and will officially begin his work with AVLIC on February 1, 2016. At the same time we are saying goodbye to Jane Pannell, former administrative manager, because she's found a new job. Our CES Administrator, Monique LeDrew's contract was also set to expire soon, but she has agreed to extend the contract until April 15, 2016 under the circumstances - thanks Monique!


Your Board of Directors, which is made up of a group of volunteers, has relied heavily on Jane and Monique, the two paid administrative contractors. The Board members will now need to focus energies to get Chris acquainted with his role and to overcome the temporary decrease in supported office hours, while also experiencing a learning curve as they transition from an operational board to a governance board.


As a result of the staffing changes and the need for the volunteer Board to assist Chris in his on-boarding process, the hours of operation for the AVLIC office will be significantly decreased until approx. March 1, 2016. An automated 'out of office' reply will be set up on the e-mail address, which will be available in English text or ASL. Jane will continue to work part-time in the evenings until February 19, 2016, so until that time members may get a response from Jane and/or an alternate person who will occasionally be monitoring the account.


Chris will be working with your Board to advertise and hire replacements for the two administrative contract positions - the administrative manager and the CES administrator. As those postings are distributed, we encourage you to share them with any interested individuals with the described skill sets.


Thank you for your patience and please help your Board welcome Chris into his new role with AVLIC. Over the coming weeks we are confident he will become accustomed to his position and will be able to take on full duties as of March 1, 2016.