AVLIC Board of Directors Meeting Update - February 27, 2016

Your AVLIC Board of Directors is pleased to provide an update from our recent February 27, 2016 online meeting.

Canadian Evaluations System (CES)

The recommendations from the CES Review Task Force will be distributed in the coming weeks.  Please keep an eye open for this important e-mail. If you have any questions in regards to the recommendations, please contact Debbie Parliament, Evaluations Officer.  The TOI is scheduled for March 5, 2016 with 10 people registered.  We wish the test takers all the best. 

AVLIC Finances / Investments

AVLIC is nearing the end of the first year of having a formal budget.  While we are currently under budget, the year is not yet complete and many projects that were scheduled to commence in the 2015-2016 year did not happen.  We are working on the budget for the 2016-2017 term and will be approving it at our April Board meeting.  We remain prudent with AVLIC funds to ensure that projects and operations are well funded. Our investments remain low risk and have had a return of 2.949% over the first year of investment.  If you have any questions about AVLICs finances, please contact Cindy Haner, treasurer (treasurer@avlic.ca).

Professional Conduct Review Process (PCRP) Implementation Task Force

Four members have stepped forward to be involved in a task force that will oversee the implementation of the PCRP recommendations.  Colleen Friel (ON) as DRP coordinator will coordinate the new task force. Members include Wayne Nicholson (ON), Carmela Castelano (MB) and Holly Francoeur (NB).  We are grateful to these members for stepping forward; their combined knowledge, experience and education will be a great asset to seeing the PCRP fully implemented. If you have any questions about the PCRP recommendations and implementation, please contact Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC president (president@avlic.ca).

AVLIC Staffing

We are at the end of our first month with Chris Kenopic as executive director (ED). The month has been busy for him as he becomes acquainted with AVLIC's polices and procedures. The Board continues to be involved in daily operations while we provide orientation for the new ED and transition into a governance board that continues to advance AVLIC's vision.  

The interviews for the administrative assistant (AA) position were held on February 27 and we anticipate that the AA will start on March 7.  Please keep an eye for an introductory e-mail to the AA in the near future. 

Once the AA starts there will be a period of training before the AVLIC office is fully operational. This is AVLIC's busiest time of year due to membership renewal. We encourage you to log into your 'members only' account and renew your membership early to avoid delays in processing. The AVLIC office is experiencing a back log of e-mails relating to membership renewal and we assure you that your e-mails will be answered promptly when we are fully operational with both the ED and AA in place.  Should you have any questions or encounter a problem with your membership renewal, please e-mail avlic@avlic.ca immediately so that your e-mail can be placed in the queue and addressed in due time.  Also, rest assured that CES status and late fees will not apply if you have made contact with the AVLIC office prior to the deadline of March 31. 

Nominations for your AVLIC Board 2016-2018

AVLIC is looking for members who are dedicated to the profession, eager to learn and have skills to offer.  We encourage you to consider running for director's position on the AVLIC Board. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Alana McKenna, second vice president (2ndvicepresident@avlic.ca) and review the portfolio information on the AVLIC website (you must first be signed into the Members Only section).

AVLIC Membership Cards

As you may recall, a survey regarding membership cards was distributed last fall. We had a fantastic response rate of 41% - thank you to those of you who responded to the survey. It is the wish from the majority of responses that membership cards be printed by a professional printing company. You can look forward to receiving your professionally printed membership card in the mail after you register for the 2016-2017 membership year. We are also investigating the option of members being able to request their membership card in an electronic format in the future. 

AVLIC Advisory Group

As you will have seen from the recent e-mails that have been distributed over the past few weeks, AVLIC is establishing an advisory group. If you are interested and can fulfill the criteria as listed in the 'Advisory Group' e-mail, please send your application to the attention of Chris Kenopic at avlic@avlic.ca by March 11. Your AVLIC Board will collaborate with the Canadian Association of the Deaf-Association des Sourds du Canada to select members from this pool of applicants. 

North American Advisory Committee (NAAC) 

The NAAC is planning to meet for a leadership summit in Phoenix, AZ during the National Association of the Deaf/Registry of the Deaf Region 5 conference in July 2016. AVLIC will be sending a Board member to the meetings so as to represent AVLIC and further the goals of this international committee.  

Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) Nominations for Permanent Invitee - ASL Interpreter

We are pleased to have nominated Marty Taylor for a second term as the Permanent Invitee - ASL Interpreter representative to the CAV. We thank Marty for her commitment to this position over the inaugural year and we are confident that we will be well represented during the 2016-2019 term.  

GST Exemption

Tarren McKay, AVLIC Past President, on behalf of AVLIC members is spearheading a petition to the federal government to make interpreting services GST exempt. Please keep an eye out for future communication on this as your participation by signing a petition will be vital to ensure the success of this initiative. 

Translation Bureau 

Brenda Jenkins, AVLIC Director and Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC President met with representatives from the Translation Bureau (TB) in January to discuss the comments that were collected from AVLIC members, such as placement students in federal government settings, streamlining of invoicing and the requirement of AVLIC membership for accredited interpreters. Specifically, we would like to highlight here that while the TB does not currently require AVLIC membership, we continue to work with them to encourage AVLIC membership as a requirement for all accredited ASL-English interpreters.