AVLIC Board of Director's Meeting Update - April 9 &10

Your AVLIC Board of Directors is pleased to share these updates from our April 9 & 10 meetings in Victoria, BC. Thanks to the volunteers and organizers who hosted us and provided such a warm welcome. In addition, thank you to all of the visitors, many of whom travelled over from the mainland to observe.

Staffing for AVLIC

A large portion of time was spent focusing on staffing needs. We reflected on the hiring process, orientation and regrettably the recent resignation of the Executive Director, Chris Kenopic.

Over the coming weeks, the Board will be furthering the discussion, consulting with the AVLIC Staffing Task Force and CAD-ASC.  More information will be sent to you via a separate e-mail once these consultations have concluded and the Board has a solid and comprehensive plan to share – stay tuned.


In 2014 the AVLIC Board began preparing annual budget forecasts; this allows the Board to review all fixed and projected costs and to better manage the operations of AVLIC. The AVLIC budget is in a deficit, and has been for some time. Our annual revenues are just not enough to cover our operating and projected expenses. We have relied on our savings to cover the shortfall, however, with large projects coming up, AVLIC’s savings will deplete quickly.

Our mission of advancing our profession by providing a renewed CES and DRP (now called PCRP) will cost a considerable amount of money. A directive for the new Executive Director will be to assist the Board in finding more sustainable funding, including revenues to support the Executive Director’s position long term. No decisions have been made yet, but we will be looking at how to both increase our revenues and decrease our expenses.

The AVLIC Board has established an ad-hoc Finance Committee to further investigate the budget. A financial report will be presented at the AVLIC 2016 conference. Membership dues may need to increase. Should the ad-hoc group feel that this is necessary, motions will be drafted for membership ratification at the 2016 AGM.

Please contact Cindy Haner, AVLIC treasurer at treasurer@avlic.ca if you have any questions.

Board of Directors 2016-2018

Elections for the new Board of Directors will take place at the annual general meeting this July in Fredericton, NB. All Director positions are open to nominations; motivated individuals are especially being sought for the positions of second vice president and secretary.

Please contact Alana McKenna, Second Vice President, for more information on nominations at: 2ndvicepresident@avlic.ca.

CES Request for Proposals

As you would have seen in your inbox, the first of several Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the CES have been sent. The CES Review Task Force worked incredibly hard to produce a plan to search out successful proponents to review and improve the CES.

The anticipated start date for the first RFP (No. 10008 CES TOI Rating Revision) is the summer of 2016. The second RFP, Technology, will be sent out soon, followed by Development (Online Resource Clearinghouse) and Materials RFPs.

The Evaluations Committee will be hosting a Special Interest Group (SIG) session at AVLIC 2016. If you will be attending the conference, please attend the session to learn more about your CES and the review process.

If you have any questions prior to the SIG, please contact Debbie Parliament, Evaluations Officer, at: evaluations@avlic.ca.

The CES administrator, Monique LeDrew, has agreed to extend her contract with AVLIC until July 2016. During the coming months, the CES administrative duties will be transitioned to Julie Hoas, AVLIC Administrative Assistant.

Operating Policies and Procedures

In an ongoing basis, your Board reviews and updates policies and procedures to streamline, improve and better reflect our practices. During this meeting we discussed updates to the subscription service as well as the nearly completed membership policies (including the Member on Leave Policy and In-Lieu-of-Affiliate Chapter Policy).

Your Board also discussed how we can better work with our Affiliate Chapters to ensure their autonomy is maintained while we work jointly on certain policies that affect their membership status with both AVLIC and their Affiliate Chapter(s).

Board Structure

The Board structure was discussed in tandem with the Executive Director position and the transition to a governance board structure. The discussion on structure, number of Directors, Officer portfolios and overall framework are all at the preliminary stage. AVLIC is in a transition / evolution period and once an Executive Director is hired and trained, more in depth discussions will take place in an effort to further improve AVLIC operations.

Advisory Group

After several e-mails soliciting interested individuals to form an advisory group to the AVLIC Board, only a couple of people came forward. As such, an advisory group will not be established as there are insufficient volunteers to tend to the tasks. The Board continues to investigate alternative avenues for consultations, including engaging the Public Relations Committee further.

Valuable feedback will continue to be sought out via the Joint Communication Team (JCT), Affiliate Chapter Presidents and other stakeholders as per our current practices

What’s next for your Board:

  • Recruiting an Executive Director
  • Recruiting new Directors for the 2016-2018 Board of Directors
  • Preparing for the AVLIC 2016 conference and AGM
  • Selecting successful CES RFPs proponent(s)
  • Implementing the new PCRP
  • Ongoing financial review
  • Ongoing policy review

If you have any questions for your Board, please don’t hesitate to contact Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC president at president@avlic.ca.