Nominations Call for AVLIC Board of Directors 2016 - 2018

2016 - 2018 Board Call for Nominations 

We are currently seeking interested members to apply for the position of TREASURER, 2nd Vice President and Secretary.

Your professional association, AVLIC, is governed by you, the member. Over the years, many of you have volunteered for AVLIC in one capacity or another; and it is because of you that AVLIC has grown and is respected as the representative for over 800+ members. 

Working on the Board takes time and dedication; it is a commitment of more than  just the meetings during the year, both in person and online.  However, volunteering for your professional association  will instill you with a feeling of great pride and accomplishment. Not to mention the opportunities for networking, advancing the profession and personal growth one gains from being a volunteer on the AVLIC Board.

These are especially  exciting times for AVLIC and if you or someone you know would like to be  involved in the new path AVLIC is embarking on , please consider a nomination for the AVLIC Board of Directors. 

Contact Second Vice President, Alana McKenna at for a nominations form or for further information about the positions available. 

“I joined the AVLIC Board over almost a decade ago because I was interested in how best practice becomes a standard and how functioning as a group, nationally, could change how we perform our daily work. 

I not only found out how diverse our national community is, I also made life long friends with people I would have never had the opportunity to work with otherwise. Opportunities to network have been boundless, late-night debates have been enlightening and I feel genuinely like I've learned skills to be a better person by having shared my time with other board members. 

Please consider joining the Board; you will not regret it!”  -  Christie Reaume