Request for Proposal - No. 10008

Request for Proposal - No. 10008: Canadian Evaluation System (CES) Test of Interpretation (TOI) Rating Revision

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Contract Term:

The Contract will commence immediately after contract is signed.

Proposal Submission Deadlines:

  • Receipt Confirmation Form: Proponents must complete and submit a Receipt Confirmation Form (Appendix B) on or before June 6, 2016, to be considered.
  • Closing Date & Time: Final Proposal must be received by 11am PST on June 30, 2016.

Purpose of Request for Proposal (RFP):

The purpose of this RFP is to engage a contractor to review, revise, document and implement an improved Test of Interpretation (TOI) rating process and rater training. The goal of the TOI is to certify competent generalist interpreters. As such, consideration should be given towards making sure that the rating process and rater training meet the needs of today’s consumers, Deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard of hearing, and hearing.

Project Description:

AVLIC is seeking a contractor who will conduct an independent review of the TOI rating process and rater training. Based on the outcomes of the review the contractor will revise the rating process and rater training, and create the policies and procedures necessary to implement the revised process.


The final products must allow AVLIC to easily update the materials and documents in order to meet the dynamic environment in which we work.

  1. Review of logistical considerations (e.g. composition and number of rating team/s, both ASL raters and Message Equivalency (ME) raters)*
  2. Review of rater training materials (e.g. facilitator guidelines, sample materials used for rater training, number of times these materials have been used for the same rater and the affect on their ability to assess candidates’ work)*
  3. Review of CES contractors (ASL and ME raters and rater facilitators)*
  4. Standards and fairness of assessment*
  5. Orientation to the Policy and Procedures*

*.pdf version of this RFP, linked here, contains further details about each item.

Note: This RFP is open to anyone, not only to AVLIC members (see RFP for details). If you know of someone who has the skills and expertise to carry out this project, please forward them this link to the RFP ( AVLIC welcomes all proposals for consideration.