AVLIC Executive Director Candidate Demographics

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The job posting for executive director closed on June 24th. Thank you for helping distribute the posting to your friends and family. The Staffing Task Force would like to share the following information with you.
Interviews were conducted on Monday, June 27th in Toronto or via Fuze. After the interviews the interview panel narrowed down the section to two candidates. The following day, Tuesday June 28, they met online to discuss the two candidates and checked references.
Candidate demographics were as follows:

  1. Total applications: (24)
  2. ASL user: (10)
  3. Non-ASL user: (14)
  4. Background as an ED or relevant experience (i.e. 5+ years in a senior management role): (12)
  5. ASL users with ED or relevant experience: (5)
  6. Location: British Columbia (6), Alberta (2), Manitoba (1), Ontario (13), Quebec (2),
  7. Total applications that were not considered: (15)
  8. Total applications in the short list: (9)
  9. Total interviewed: (4)

Five interviews were offered but one candidate did not respond to the interview invitation therefore, four interviews were officially conducted.
We hope to announce the successful candidate in the next two weeks after references are checked and contractual agreements are signed.