AVLIC Board of Director's Meeting Update - October 1 & 2, 2016


The 2016-2018 AVLIC Board met in Winnipeg on October 1  and 2, 2016. We’re pleased to provide you with this update that highlights the discussions we had over two days.  

A  huge thank you to MAVLI specifically Cindy Boscow, Tania MacNeil, Mandy MacDonald, and the volunteers Sara Wolf, Danica Loewen, Erica Duguay, and Shelby Graham. A final thank you to MAVLI for hosting with Terry Janzen an event on Saturday evening at the beautiful Human Rights Museum. The Board enjoyed learning about Terry’s recent research during the event.

Our Saturday opened with leadership training provided by AVLIC Parliamentarian Advisor, Maureen Haan. This training is the second phase of the Board transitioning from a working board to a governance board. Governance training was provided to the 2014-2016 Board in October 2015 when the Board met in Montreal, Quebec. The leadership training has been provided to all Affiliate Chapter presidents and / or their representative(s) present at the Affiliate Chapter presidents meeting in July 2016 during the conference week. The presidents gave positive feedback on the training and your Board also benefited from the training. Each Board member is an elected leader of your Association and recognizing our abilities and motivation to be involved in change has brought the Board together with shared responsibility and purpose. 

The hiring of AVLIC’s new Executive Director, Jen Best, has brought some exciting changes and developments for the Association. Jen has devoted a great deal of time looking at AVLIC with a holistic lens to best understand the programs and projects AVLIC is undertaking. After reviewing the AVLIC 2010-2015 Strategic Plan, items left unfinished have been moved into a separate  strategic plan document which will guide AVLIC’s focus and activities over the next two years. The Board is working closely with Jen to complete and approve this strategic plan and we will have more detailed information for the membership soon. Alongside the strategic plan a visual guide for membership to better represent our programs and projects, as well as communication protocols for AVLIC and staff are being developed.

The Publications Committee have been brainstorming and coming up with some exciting new plans for the newsletter. The way we share information in today’s world of technology had changed dramatically. The committee is excited to implement some changes and evolve to meet the needs of membership today. Look for a new format and and exciting new column in your next edition of the AVLIC News.

Even though the conference in Fredericton was only this past summer the 2018 Conference Planning Committee and the AVLIC Board are already in the thick of planning for the 2018 conference in Niagara Falls. The title of the conference is “Little Hands, Big Message” and the committee is working hard to host an exciting and informative conference. Conference registration will be announced soon, keep an eye out for more details.

After some discussion with various members, AVLIC has struck an ad hoc Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Position Paper Committee. This committee will be focusing on this unfolding mode of interpreting work across Canada and coming together to create an official position for AVLIC. If you are interested in lending your experience to this committee please contact Vice President Alana McKenna at: vicepresident@avlic.ca.

The Board has approved new practices for your finances by implementing Quick Books as our mechanism of accounting. With Quick Books the members, and Board, can expect to have financial reports that are more user friendly to read. It will take time for the transfer from our current practices to Quick Books and this transition should be complete by the end of the year. 

The next Board meeting will be December 11, 2016 via video conference.