Complaints Process

Professional Conduct Review Process (PCRP)

Please note: the PCRP is being administered by an interim team as the program is still under develoment.  

The Professional Conduct Review Process (PCRP) is a complaints mechanism provided for people who wish to make a complaint about an AVLIC member's professional conduct.

AVLIC members must follow AVLIC's Code of Ethics & Guidelines for Professional Conduct (CoEGPC).  If you believe an AVLIC member failed to follow the CoEGPC you may file a complaint with AVLIC.

It is important to note that only AVLIC members can be held accountable for their professional conduct through the PCRP.  If your complaint is against an interpreter that is not an AVLIC member, AVLIC does not have the authority to hold that person accountable for their professional conduct through the PCRP


  How to Make a Complaint

  Please email the PCRP Intake Officer if you want to:

   - file a complaint

   - discuss your concerns

   - ask questions about the PCRP

  Your email can be in ASL or English




  PCRP Intake Officer (Interim)

  Colleen Friel -











To learn more about the PCRP, click here

For a flow chart of the PCRP, click here


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Discipline Hearing Policy

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