AVLIC Update

April 29, 2017

AVLIC Update














Deaf Interpreter Task Force

The DI Task Force is assembled and is working on addressing the Deaf Interpreter AVLIC membership process, developing resources of training opportunities, developing a CES for Deaf Interpreters, reviewing the Deaf Interpreter position paper and the possibility of a permanent Deaf member on the AVLIC Board. Keep an eye out for updates from the Task Force.



As you have seen in previous updates from the Boardwe have been working through the Roles and Responsibilities of an ED for AVLIC. With this new position, the Board will be freeing up the time we will spend on the running the daily operations of AVLIC and we can focus on the Vision of the Association as well as implementation of the programs of AVLIC. The first step of this has been the development of more policies for the AVLIC Operating Policies & Procedures Manual and HR documents to ensure smooth running of the office. Much of the Board time this year has been on reviewing and vetting these documents.


Canadian Evaluations System (CES)

After sending several RFP’s and getting no response, the Evaluations Committee shifted from a general RFP approach to direct invitation. At this time the Evaluations Committee has decided to move forward with forming a team of skilled individuals to take on the review of the TOI rating process. Further updates regarding the technology reform and development of Phase Two to come.


Professional Conduct Review Process (PCRP): Implementation

Out with the old and in with the new, seems to be the moto of this past year for the AVLIC Board. The DRP is officially gone and we are running with an interim PCRP for the time being. An interim team for the PCRP has been selected and there are new policies and procedures for the interim team to follow as we establish the permanent new complaint process.

A communication plan for the new PCRP process was sent out in several emails breaking down the process with pictorial representations. The feedback was positive for this format and helped us explain what could become a complicated process. Please review the Communication Plan sent to members in February.


Administrative Updates: Email Platform & Accounting Software

AVLIC has switched to a new email platform to view our emails this year. The Google viewing platform limited our @avlic.ca email boxes to 10. We have switched to viewing our emails through our server system, Host Monster, which allows us to have unlimited @avlic.ca emails.

In the process of transferring much of the financial tasks to the ED, we looked at options that would make our budgeting and financial tracking clearer and more transparent. We decided that Quick Books served our needs and all of the AVLIC financials are now inputted and operating smoothly


Communication Protocols

Developing communication plans was another major undertaking for the Board this year. With the addition of an ED, there are different paths of communication on the organization and we wanted to be clear on what those paths are, both internally and externally. Of course, the Board can be contacted by anyone at anytime, and these communication plans are to ensure everyone knows who to contact for their questions and concerns. Please see the email sent to members.


Annual General Meeting (AGM): June 3, 2017

We are fast approaching the AGM in Edmonton and looking forward to see you there. The AGM package is being prepared and a call for motions has gone out. We will be holding meetings at the Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall and the AGM will be on Saturday, June 3, 2017. If you can’t make it in person please be sure to give your proxy to a colleague who will be attending.