Volunteers Needed! Position Paper Reading Circle

AVLIC VRS Position Paper:
Final Reading Circle - Volunteers Needed


In the Spring of 2016, AVLIC ratified a motion to investigate and prepare a position paper on the emerging field of video relay service (VRS). The primary focus of this position paper is to inform, support and advocate for the health and well-being of interpreters working in VRS. The VRS Position Paper Ad Hoc Committee was subsequently established and is now comprised Julie Horncastle (committee coordinator) and Meg Reket.

In the Fall of 2016, a survey was distributed seeking your input and your preferences for working in a new field of interpreting. Approximately 20% of the membership responded, 14% of whom worked in VRS. Based on the data collected and a review of various resources, the committee wrote a first draft of the position paper. The first draft was circulated through a reading circle in the spring of 2017. The current draft of the position paper is based on the feedback gathered from the spring of 2017 reading circle. The committee is now seeking your help in finalizing this position paper that represents the AVLIC membership.


The Role of the Reading Circle

Ultimately this proposed paper will become AVLIC’s position, your position, on the health and well-being needs of interpreters working in VRS. Keeping in line with AVLIC’s Document Development Guidelines, all documents must be vetted through various reading circles. Once the document is thoroughly vetted, an ASL translation will be prepared and a motion to adopt the VRS position paper will be presented to the general membership at an AVLIC AGM.


Volunteers Needed!

The committee is now searching for AVLIC members and stakeholders for this final reading circle for this position paper . The committee's aim is to adequately vet and present the position paper at the 2017 AVLIC AGM; as such, the committee is asking everyone interested to have the capacity to review this 4-page document and respond with constructive feedback within ten days of receipt of the draft.

If you are interested in this final reading circle, please contact the VRS Position Paper Committee coordinator, Julie Horncastle, at avlicvrs@gmail.com by Dec 28, 2017.