2017: AVLIC Year in Review

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

Looking back over 2017, AVLIC has taken strides improving your Association’s operation. The majority of this foundational work was undertaken by our staff, and program & project leads. Without an improved solid foundation in place AVLIC would not be able to grow our services. I’m happy to provide this review of our activities from last year.


All of AVLIC’s financial operation was moved over to QuickBooks by the beginning of the year. Utilizing this new approach to monitoring our financials allows for a much clearer picture of the overall health of your Association. It also allows for a more sophisticated means of preparing budgets and reporting. The 2017-2018 budget was the first time we used QuickBooks for our budget and this allowed the Board of Directors to see specifically where your money is being allotted. The Board is able to view all our programs, projects, and services income and expenditures more easily, which ensures more financial stewardship and oversight. I look forward to developing our next budget using this more effective approach.


Early in 2017 you received email communication about the Professional Conduct Review Process (PCRP) being implemented, effectively ending the DRP. Throughout the year policies and procedures for operating the PCRP were approved, as well as bylaw updates. On top of this the interim Intake Officer, Colleen Friel Swybrous, has received training on restorative justice. The PCRP Implementation Task Force has been working through the implementation of the project and recommended a project manager be hired, which the Board has approved. Stay tuned for more information about the continuing progress on this project.


Throughout the year the Board has continued to transition to a governance board. Thanks are due to Maureen Haan, our parliamentary advisor and long time supporter, for all her guidance in our transition. Sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back, however we’re moving forward nevertheless. The Board Treasurer role has been transitioned into a governance position, with all daily financial operation now managed by the AVLIC office. A multitude of new policies were developed and reworked to improve our Association’s foundations and consistency of operation. Moving forward into this year the Board is reviewing our committees’ structure and directors’ relationship with our working committees.


One program that has had a great deal of review is our CES program, under the leadership of our Evaluations Officer and Evaluations Committee. In 2017 the CES TOI Rating Review Team was established and begun their work which is continuing into 2018. For more information on this Team’s work please review this email communication.  Another exciting change to the CES is moving the TOI date. Historically the TOI is offered on the first Saturday in March yearly. Given this is the busiest time of year for AVLIC (membership renewal, year end, AGM preparation) the decision was made to move the TOI to take place later in the year (fall) after the AGM. The date change and review of the TOI Rating will streamline the whole TOI process. More details will be released in the coming months.


I would be remiss not to mention an exciting change that was approved at the 2017 AGM. AVLIC will soon have a brand new name, the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters! After 30+ years of being AVLIC it will be an adjustment for all of us to start using our new Association’s name. The Name Change Implementation Task Force is working to unveil our new name officially at the upcoming conference. Until that time please continue to refer to us as AVLIC as officially and legally we have not made the change yet.


Looking ahead to the rest of this Board’s term (2016-2018) I am pleased to share with you our plans leading up to the conference in Niagara Falls, ON. Apart from the work that must be completed, for example: financial year end and budget completion, membership renewal process, conference and Board meeting planning; there are other items the Board and staff will be focused on in the coming months.


Your Association will be looking to review the 2016 Rolling Strategic Plan in the next few months. This plan was developed in collaboration with our executive director, and was one of the first tasks assigned to her. Working with the plan over the past year the AVLIC Board and office are now better able to identify where timelines were too ambitious and how multiple projects can be best run together. The plan will be reviewed and presented to the Board at our upcoming April in-person meeting and subsequently released to membership ahead of the new Board being elected.


We are busy planning our upcoming AVLIC conference, being held for the first time in the picturesque Niagara Fall, Ontario! For more information on the conference please visit www.avlic2018.com. Soon the Board will be planning the Wednesday night discussion groups (previously named Special Interest Groups [SIG]) and the Day One of our AGM (previously named Special Topic Session [STS]) on the Friday. The Wednesday night groups are intended for discussions about AVLIC’s operation, missions, and goals that are not related to a motion being brought forward at the AGM. Whereas the Day One of the AGM are for delegates to discuss the motions being presented at the AGM. This is designed to provide time and less confined rules to discuss motions and make changes before the AGM. Many great discussions will surely be had!


Our annual membership renewal campaign has begun! Please don’t forget to renew your membership before March 31 at midnight. If you want to change or add an Affiliate Chapter to your membership, or are seeking to take advantage of our Membership Leave or Payment Plan services please contact the AVLIC office prior to your renewal. Our Administrative Assistant, Sally Scheel, can be contacted at: avlic@avlic.ca.


On July 14, 2018 the membership will vote in a new AVLIC Board of Directors for 2018-2020. Our nominations process has already begun, please click here for more information on the nominations process. If you’re interested in joining the Board, or feel you know a colleague that would be a good fit please take a moment and fill out the nominations form. Everyone has talent that is valuable to AVLIC! If you have any questions about what it’s like to serve on the AVLIC Board, how to apply, or the Board positions please contact Jocelyn Mark, AVLIC past president, at: pastpresident@avlic.ca


Your Board will be coming together for online meetings and an in-person meeting leading up to the conference. We will be in Ottawa on April 27 to 29, 2018. This is the final in-person meeting prior to the conference week meetings. We are all looking forward to be in Ottawa and seeing everyone.


I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming conference! Thank you all for your continued support. If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any member of the AVLIC Board and office.




Ashley Campbell

AVLIC President, 2016-2018