CES Review Update & Survey Results

The CES Review Task Force has submitted their recommendations to the Evaluations Committee and AVLIC Board of Directors. As well Linda Cundy joined the AVLIC Board online meeting, September 12, 2015, to answer questions on behalf of the task force from the Board. 


AVLIC 2018 Conference: "Interpreting for Deaf Children & Youth" is Confirmed

AVLIC is thrilled to announce that the Ontario Association of Sign Language Interpreters (OASLI) has successfully bid to be the host of AVLIC 2018!


The next offering of the Written Test of Knowledge (WTK) is in January 2016.

The test is offered every year in January, April, July and November, or by special offering with a minimum of five test takers. The date for this offering is January 16, 2016 and offering locations will be determined by the applicant's addresses or preferences.

Registration deadline is November 21, 2015.

To register:

Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) Inc. - September 2015 Update

On September 25, 2015, the Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV) Inc. issued an update about the progress of VRS in Canada. To view the announcement, issued in ASL, English, LSQ and French, click here

CAV has asked AVLIC to share this update. Feel free to share the link (http://eepurl.com/bAxkLP)


Use of the Term "Certified Interpreter" in Canada: A Guide to Terms and Accreditations in Canada: An AVLIC Position Paper

Approved by members at the July 12, 2014 AGM

Click to play video of AVLIC Official Position - Deaf Interpreter

International Week of the Deaf - Sept. 21-27, 2015

News Release

For Immediate Distribution

September 21, 2015

Interpreters Needed by Canadian Deaf Sports Assocation (CDSA)

Come on out and lend us your hands and voices for a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community and to support our upcoming Canadian Team Canada Athletes on their adventure to make dreams come true!! 


Signing Animated Dictionary for Kids

AVLIC is pleased to forward the following message from the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD):

Click to play ASL video by DCC   ASL video message from Deaf Culture Centre

AVLIC 2015 AGM Follow-Up: David Still Memorial IEP Graduating Student Award Motion & Credentials Report

Thanks again to WAVLI for hosting the AVLIC 2015 AGM!


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