Thanks for Donating to Sponsor a WASLI Delegate

Thanks so very much to everyone at AVLIC 2014 who lightened their pockets and pocket books of coins and bills to help support a delegate from a developing nation to attend the WASLI 2015 conference in Istanbul, Turkey (July 22-25, 2015). We managed to shake the piggy and get $142.00 from everyone. WAY TO GO and thank you again. Thank you too to Deb Flaig (Calgary) who did an amazing 'shake down' of the room on Friday (or was it Thursday???)  - haha!


Updated AGM Documents as of July 11, 2012

AGM registration and voting card pick up begins at 8:00am CT; meeting begins at 9:00am.

As a result of good discussions throughout the week and especially at the AVLIC Special Topic Sessions earlier today, some AGM proposed motions have been reworded. In addition, new motions have been drafted.


A fourth message from the Membership Categories and Criteria Review Committee…

The Membership Categories and Criteria Review Committee conducted a national survey.  The results showed overwhelming member support to reduce fees for AVLIC members approaching retirement years.  Most chose 60 as the age for members to enjoy a fee reduction resulting in the following motion:


I move to establish a 25% reduction to AVLIC’s Active membership fee category for members of AVLIC who provide proof of age and are 60 years of age and over.

A third message from the Membership Categories and Criteria Review Committee…

Grandfathering clauses were introduced in 2006 for Active members (ASL-English and LSQ-French interpreters) and in 2010 for Active Deaf interpreters when the Active membership criterion was changed to include proof of graduation from an AVLIC recognized Interpreter Education Program (IEP)

A second message from the Membership Categories and Criteria Review Committee…

In your 2014 AGM package, motion 7.2 is another attempt to resolve a long-standing concern.

AVLIC is sharing the following message and attachments with permission of the creators.

Feedback Opportunities:

AVLIC members who wish to provide comment are asked to attend the Focus Group scheduled during AVLIC 2014 on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 from 4:00pm - 5:30pm CT in Room A.

A message from the Membership Categories and Criteria Review Committee…


Have you seen the AGM package? It includes a number of new membership motions.  


At the 2012 AGM in Calgary, all the membership motions were referred to a committee for further investigation.  Since then the Categories & Criteria Review Ad Hoc Committee has attempted to capture input from the membership and prepare motions to bring to our 2014 AGM. 


Changes Happening at AVLIC 2014...






ASL version

Update On Why Deaf Interpreter Certification Was Not Included in the Recent CES RFP






ASL version

An announcement from AVLIC President Christie Reaume directed to AVLIC Deaf Interpreter members.

Instructions for Collecting RID CEUs at AVLIC 2014

   Printable Instructions, Including PINRA  Forms Print


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