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Dear Friends,

The next offering of the Test of Interpretation (TOI) is March 2, 2013

Registration deadline is January 15, 2013

To register:

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf - Online Dictionary 

Did you know…

This month, thirty-three years ago, the first national conference of Canadian interpreters was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba (November 16-18, 1979). The organizers of the conference were Louise Ford (Ontario), Janice Hawkins (Manitoba) and Dottie Inkenbrandt (British Columbia). The need for professional networking and the establishment of standards and training was imminent and supported by the national Deaf community and service providers for Deaf Canadians.

Written Test of Knowledge - Pilot offered December 1, 2012

At the AVLIC 2012 conference, as part of the Special Topic Sessions, feedback and discussions we had regarding the newly revised Written Test of Knowledge (WTK). AVLIC is in the process of reviewing the test results from the June 2012 offerings and would like to gather more statistical data for analysis to ensure the new WTK reflects the current changes and growth in the field of interpreting.

Canadian Evaluation System's Phase Two Workshop: Interpretation of Narratives

Workshop dates: Saturday, January 26 & Sunday, January 27, 2013

Registration deadline: Monday, November 5, 2012

Location: New Westminster, BC

VRS Awareness Day

Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) in the partnership with BCVRS Committee is organizing a national event:

Great Work by the AVLIC 2012 Committee! Thank You for Hosting!

Please join family and friends in celebrating and honouring the life of friend, mentor, loved one... 

Dona-Marie Rossi

Phase 2B: Interpretation of Interactive Interviews

*Please consider this to be like an actual interpreting assignment.  It is requested that you present yourself as you would during an assignment even though this is a video sample which you are doing for feedback purposes only.


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